Optimized to Build Resiliency

Find what's broken and fix it quickly.


Stronger Security Defenses

Use simulations of real attacks to sharpen your cybersecurity defenses and incident responses against actual threat behaviours.

Data-Driven Decisions

Tap into detailed feedback with meaningful metrics to refine your security strategy.

Customization and Automation

Tailor attacks to meet your unique network and threat environment with intelligent, host-based user emulation (UE) for highly realistic network traffic and activity.

Cutting-Edge Training Labs

Leverage advanced labs, virtual machine tools, assessments, and courses to elevate your security maturity.

Engaging Hands-On Attack Training

Based on actual attack scenarios, go beyond gamification and put skills to the test with high-fidelity, live-action training for advanced security professionals.

Train and Prepare Using Our
Advanced Curriculum

Advanced Exaxcting Curriculum-1

Strengthen Individual
and Team Skills

From threat-hunting and malware analysis to front-line security tools and incident response, build the individual and team skills your organization needs to stay ahead of tomorrow’s cyber threats using TeamWise.

Tailored Learning Experience - L-1-2

Tailored Learning Experiences 

Recieve on-demand access to hands-on learning content.

  • Circuits provide in-depth content
    on specific topics
  • Learning paths facilitate role-based
    skills development
  • Modules covering training, labs, and hands-on challenges
Assess Readiness - L-1-1-1

Assess Readiness for Regulatory Standards

Build industry and domain-specific skills to achieve and retain the knowledge and skills needed to support compliance and stay up to date on industry standards.

Team Image 550-374-1-1-1

Build Better Team Dynamics

Strengthen team communication, coordination, and decision-making using team exercises and evaluations.

  • Pre-built or custom capabilities
  • Automated attacks
  • User emulation with realistic background activity
  • NIST/NICE Framework for job specialties

Analyze Your Cyber
Workforce Readiness

TeamWise includes Workforce Readiness so you can establish a baseline of organizational team readiness. Effectively manage and encourage individual growth to improve your entire security team's performance.

  • Instantly view and assess your team and individual readiness
  • Participate in hands-on, range-based skills exercises with scoring metrics 
  • Access up to 550 hours of specialized training content
  • Shape training/hiring based on a holistic view of readiness
Quantify Your Workforce

Experience Engaging Hands-On Training

Leverage Workforce Readiness to take your team beyond simple gamification and put their security skills to the test with high-fidelity, live-action training content.

StratSim - Reports


Evaluate New Hires with
Candidate Assessment

SimSpace TeamWise also offers Candidate Assessment to tackle the most time-consuming and resource-intensive chunks of the new-hire vetting process—including technical cyber skills assessments—before you make an offer.

  • Content designed explicitly for evaluations
  • Detailed reports with an overall score and placement percentile
  • Results derived from our statistical analysis of candidate performance

Build Team Dynamics - S

Test Select Candidates 

Candidate Assessment lets you offer the same or different qualification tests as your current team members. Each candidate is provided limited network access for only the duration of their specific test. Best of all, testing is conducted on the SimSpace cyber range, the industry’s highest-fidelity, most realistic cyber range.


gettyimages-1213513755-612x612 gettyimages-1213513755-612x612

StratSim Tabletop Exercises Optimize Security Preparedness 

Our strategic simulation platform, StratSim, enables leaders across your organization to come together and prepare a unified response to potential cyber threats.

Security teams can run special tabletop events using our StratSim platform to assess the effectiveness of their existing security controls, incident response capabilities, and cybersecurity policies against a sustained cyber threat.

Engaging, dynamic, and intensive, StratSim enables business security executives to improve their cyber readiness and address operational gaps. StratSim exercises provide cross-functional teams with:

  • Interactive events
  • Branching narratives
  • Ready-made events
  • Custom-made events

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