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The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

SimSpace’s military-grade cyber range is an open, high-fidelity cyber range that enables continuous security improvement programs for the US Cyber Command, Allied Nation-States and F2000 organizations.

Powered by the world’s most advanced military-grade cyber range, the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform provides a guaranteed safe environment to improve cyber operations readiness continuously. We help get your people, processes and technology in sync, improve communications and build team trust. SimSpace enables you to leverage the same military-grade cyber ranges as the US Cyber Command, nation-state critical infrastructure, global intelligence communities, law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 2000 organizations to validate security teams, processes, techniques, and technology and drive continuous security improvement.

With the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform, organizations can quickly stand up pre-defined or customized simulations that are secure, scalable, guaranteed-safe, and protect your production environments for any cyber terrain or mission. The battlefield for cybersecurity is in a constant state of flux. SimSpace’s internal threat intelligence teams and partners, such as Mandiant and the US Cyber Command collaborate to ensure that updated tactics, techniques, and procedures are available on our military-grade cyber ranges so training and live-fire-exercises provides a battle-ready cyber operations program.

Finally, we provide the analytics, evidence and reporting required to drive continuous security improvement programs, train and retain the best security professionals, optimize security spending, prove security ROI, improve cyber insurance premiums and demonstrate compliance for auditors, regulators, executives, board members and shareholders.

SimSpace Continuous Security Improvement Model

Optimize Cyber Teams and Communications

The number one benefit we hear from our customers is how the cyber range events brought their team together and built trust.

Protect Market Capitalization and Share Price

A study of breached companies revealed they had underperformed the market, and after three years, their average share price had declined by over 15%.

SimSpace Continuous Security Improvement Model

Aid Audits, Governance and Cyber Insurance

Pass your audits with data, solve governance that protects brand reputation, and lower cyber insurance premiums.

Improve Prevention and Reduce Incident Response

Prevent more breaches, mitigate them 40% faster, and save money on 3rd party incident response.

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform delivers continuous security improvements

Strategic alignment with your security requirements_white

Strategic alignment with your security requirements

Automated high fidelity range deployments_white

Automated high fidelity range deployments

Live-fire exercises with advanced user and attack simulations

Live-fire exercises with advanced user and attack simulations

Validate your security stack operations and effectiveness_white

Validate your security stack operations and effectiveness

Over 1,100 hours of cyber security training_white

Over 1,100 hours of cybersecurity training

Advanced analytics and benchmarking of teams, processes, and technologies

Advanced analytics, benchmarking, and governance evidence for auditors, insurers and executives

Strategic alignment with your security requirements

Every organization is a hybrid of customized and off-the-shelf needs. The Cyber Force Platform is bundled with SimSpace professional services to help align your specific business, security and governance needs to ensure that the outcome you receive meets your specific organizational requirements.

  • Ensure alignment with your strategic requirements
  • Initial cybersecurity environment requirements
  • Optimize required customizations
  • Accelerate your time to results
Strategic alignment with your security requirements

Automated high-fidelity range deployments

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform allows you to quickly spin up virtualized environments characterized by realistic user security profiles and behaviors and near-to-spec complex networks. You can also customize your range with reusable range elements and rapidly generate operationally-relevant training scenarios.

  • Our range wizard can rapidly create complex security and networking environments with high fidelity
  • Pre-defined cyber range kits for many enterprises, verticals and critical infrastructure environments, including ATM Networks, Virtual Power Plants, Banking Payment systems and more
  • Dramatically reduce the time to test and validate your performance versus the latest attacks and vulnerabilities
Power Plant Network Diagram

Advanced user and attack simulations

Not all cyber ranges are built the same. Unlike other cyber ranges, the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform focuses on creating a high-fidelity simulation of your tools, users and environments, so you and your team can practice end-to-end incident response and remediation in an immersive environment.

  • High-fidelity replications of any cyber terrain or environment
  • Intelligent, host-based user emulation and network traffic
  • Hyper-realistic, adversary-driven scenarios for continuous readiness
  • Simulated insider threats as well as zero-day and nation-state level attacks
Learn more about user emulation
User emulation dashboard showing typical user behavior

Develop cyber readiness with hyper-realistic live-fire exercises

Conducting live-fire exercises in the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform brings traditional red team vs. blue team capture-the-flag and customized exercises to life with to test your teams and technology under real-world, threat-intel driven scenarios to create actionable, data-driven insights for continuous security improvements. Move your team beyond theoretical, classroom-based knowledge, and build a more decisive, experienced, and refined security team by exposing them to real-world threats in an isolated, consequence-free environment.

  • Realistic networks with industry-standard security tools
  • Simulated insider threats, as well as zero-day and nation-state level attacks
  • Dynamic, emulated user activity and network traffic
  • Flexible, scalable cyber range deployments
  • Develop team communications, coordination, and trust
  • Actionable performance metrics
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Validate your security stack operations and effectiveness

According to Gartner, large enterprises have over 50 products and services in their security stacks. This complexity and myriad of configuration options are exactly where the enhanced professional services can sort through this complexity, provide best practices and maximize the ROI of your Cyber Force Platform:

  • Quantify usage and performance of the security stack for incident prevention/detection/response
  • We help your team prove the ROI and efficiency of each element of your stack
  • Evaluate the compatibility of new security patches before production deployments
  • Our open platform can provide operating instances of leading cyber tools from CrowdStrike, Palo Altos, Splunk, Mandiant, Trellix and hundreds more
Stack Validation

Over 1,100 hours of cybersecurity training

Seamlessly build individual and team cybersecurity training into your workload with tailored learning experiences.

  • Leverage training and techniques used by the global intelligence agencies
  • Define mission-ready requirements for individuals and teams
  • Topic-centric training circuits provide in-depth skills development
  • On-demand access over 1,100 hours of specialized training content
  • Hands-on learning content validate and quantify skills
  • User-friendly content carousel makes it easy to browse training content
Learn more about cybersecurity training
SimSpace training platform

Advanced analytics and benchmarking of teams, processes, and technologies

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform collects, consolidates and analyzes every action conducted on our platform.

  • Establish a baseline of organizational cyber team skills development and readiness
  • Manage individual growth to improve your entire security team's performance
  • View and assess individual and team readiness with the Team Manager dashboard
  • Develop training and hiring plans with a holistic view of organizational readiness
  • Build task- and career-based training path
  • Improve staff retention by up to 56%
  • Achieved up to a 30% reduction in cyber operational costs
  • Improve detection and remediation times by up to 40%
Final report dashboard after a live action event in the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Data driven performance evidence for auditor, insurers, executives, and BoDs

Detailed reporting and analytics on the individual and team levels make it easier to validate security stack effectiveness, operational efficiency, and identify cost reduction opportunities.

  • Reports that map to common standards, including MITRE, NIST, CMMC, FFIEC, PCI-DSS, SOC2, SOX, and HITRUST and many more industry-specific regulations
  • Data-driven evidence about cyber readiness under adversity, exposures and cost reduction outcomes for CxOs, cyber insurers, audit committees, and investors
Data driven performance evidence for auditor, insurers, executives, and BoDs

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