Optimize your cybersecurity posture, reduce risk and build organizational confidence. Continuously assess and tune your tools and processes, or up-level team skills to better defend against advanced adversaries.

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Build true cyber confidence with
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Cyber Risk Management Platform

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Learn to defend confidently against Log4J vulnerabilities and Log4shell exploits (CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046) by completing our free training module.
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Complimentary access to Gartner's Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022: Cybersecurity Mesh.
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IT market intelligence for cyber security
ESG is a research, validation and strategy firm providing
market intelligence
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SimSpace's own Red Team operator Pete Souba won the coveted Black Badge at DEF CON 30
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What we do

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Optimize security readiness

Easily test and train your teams. Improve security processes to reduce risk. Tune individual products or full tech stacks—before putting them into production.


Up-level the skillset of your SecOps teams

Perform real-world attack scenarios using Red vs. Blue cyber events to ensure complete cybersecurity readiness. Offer career paths and tailored training to increase job satisfaction.


Reduce time to detect
and respond

Go up against AI-powered orchestrators to establish a baseline of your ability to defend against any type of attack or threat, and quantify improvements.


Prove compliance

Get quantitative analysis, actionable advice and evidence mapped to leading frameworks (MITRE®, NIST, CMMC®) for better decision-making and to ensure regulatory compliance.


Ensure cloud readiness

Develop, evaluate, optimize and extend your core data center capabilities into cloud infrastructures.


What we deliver

Cyber Risk Management Platform

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Provides an open platform with an expandable, high-fidelity cyber range. Delivering realistic traffic with our exclusive user emulation—enabling security team skill development and cyber product optimization, as well as a full spectrum of cybersecurity risk reduction operations in traditional and mesh architectures.


SkillWise: Training and Readiness

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Train like the US Cyber Command. True readiness requires training at the highest level possible. SimSpace SkillWise delivers an elite level of training to prepare cyber teams for battle. Develop the cyber skills of individuals and teams through task- or career-focused courses, simulated events, APT and insider threat training, threat-intel and more.


Professional Services


Accelerates the assessment and deployment of security tools, speeds training and aids in executing world-class cyber events. Start assessing your teams, processes and technology now.

>Deliver cyber range event services
>Optimize security tools and full stacks
>Evaluate and assess new hire candidates
>Engage in tabletop cyber exercises

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Understanding the value of using SimSpace

Easily estimate the value* derived by reducing cyber incidents within your organization.

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*The ROI calculator results are provided for illustrative purposes only. Your actual savings are dependent on multiple factors and may be different. Breach data based on the average ransomware attack cost in 2021 of $1.85M, as reported by SOPHOS.

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September 16, 2022

How User Emulation Brings Cybersecurity Training to Life

When it comes to preparing your organization to defend against advanced cyber threats, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience. But how can your team gain familiarity with real-world cyberattacks without putting your company’s digital assets in jeopardy?


August 30, 2022

SimSpace Operator Awarded Coveted Black Badge at DEF CON 30

Every August, about 25,000 programmers descend upon Las Vegas to attend DEF CON, one of the world’s most well-known hacking conventions. Apart from building relationships with industry peers and putting their skills to the test, virtually everyone in attendance has one goal in mind — winning the Black Badge.


August 9, 2022

The SimSpace Partner Network Program - Partner with Confidence

The increasing prevalence of cybercrime and the ingenuity of these threat actors is something your clients cannot handle alone. There is no single person or company who knows everything and turning a blind eye to this bitter truth is an exercise in futility. According to a recent report by PWC1, nearly half of all businesses are being hit by economic crime, with cybercrime being the gravest threat.



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