SimSpace Named:
HFS OneOffice
Hot Vendors: Q4 2021

Hot Vendors are organizations with the vision and strategy to impact and disrupt their markets. From Digital Infrastructure to Augmenting the Workforce, providing Anticipatory Insights and total Customer Experience, these organizations deliver the distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, and impact of the HFS OneOffice™ Framework.

“SimSpace has focused its strategy on building a holistic framework, balancing technology enablement alongside workforce upskilling and process improvement”
Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz, Practice Leader, HFS Research.

Download the report to discover:
-  How Cyber Ranges ensure security best practices
-  The benefits of our Cyber Range platform
-  Why SimSpace was named a Hot Vendor

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Hot Vendors Q4 2021 - SIMSPACE

Why SimSpace?

Reduce your cyber risk. Improve your security posture. Increase your cyber readiness.

The SimSpace Platform is powered by our cyber range, a safe, open, and secure hyper-realistic environment
delivering advanced risk mitigation solutions.

Optimize your cybersecurity using real-world attack simulations, product evaluations, specialized training content,
and individual/team-based assessments


Optimized Cyber Readiness
Our high-fidelity cyber range technology delivers true-to-life simulated environments, so you can easily test your teams, tools, and processes.
Maximize Teams and Technology
Perform real-world security testing and assessments on teams, technology, and processes with red/blue/purple team scenarios. Security requires an effective mixture of all phases.
Improved Security Efficacy
We let you know what technology, people, and processes are most effective for each type of attack and what you need to meet compliance requirements.
Analytics, Assessments, and Reports
SimSpace provides analytics and reports that give you deeper insight into your security posture, risk profile, and workforce readiness.
Evidence for Compliance
We provide the insight you need for complete cyber readiness. And we back it up with quantitative analysis, actionable advice, and results mapped to leading frameworks (MITRE, NIST, CMMC) to drive better decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance.
Business Value of Cybersecurity
Boards and executives are looking for ROI. Know the value and efficacy of your security investments, beyond just meeting compliance requirements.

Benefits of a
Cyber Range

-  Gain Visibility into Security Gaps
-  Optimize Security Effectiveness
-  Consolidate Security Stack
-  Develop Organizational Confidence
-  Prove End-to-End Cyber Readiness


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SimSpace Demo Video

Got 5 minutes? We can show you our cyber range—and you don't even have to give us your email or talk to a salesperson. If you like it, you can try a live demo with one of our experts.

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SimSpace Enables Technology Validation Within Your Specific Environment

Building and validating a security stack can feel like strategically stacking slices of Swiss cheese, hoping you're covering all the holes. The SimSpace platform allows you to test, adjust, stress, and validate your security stack and create a higher level of security readiness.

The platform can support most technology partners, including security stack and range component vendors.