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The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform enables continuous security improvement

Learn more about the military-grade cyber range used by the US Cyber Command, global intelligence agencies, and critical national infrastructure organizations

Learn more about the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Leading financial institutions optimize their security operations with military-grade cyber ranges

SimSpace provides evidence-based reporting and analytics to validate security stack effectiveness, drive operational efficiency, and identify cost-reduction opportunities

Learn more about the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

SimSpace protects critical national infrastructure against nation-state and criminal threat actors

SimSpace's military-grade cyber range provides high-fidelity simulations of any cyber environment, including enterprise OT, IOT, and ICS

Learn more about the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

With the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform, our customers have seen the following:

savings in cyber operational costs
reduction in configuration/patch-related breaches
improvement in attack defense and breaches
improvement in time to detect a breach
ROI within one year of purchasing the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Simspace provides battle-ready cybersecurity

  • SimSpace is the global leader in military-grade cyber ranges, founded by experts from U.S. Cyber Command and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory.
  • The company’s Cyber Force Platform supports the most sophisticated enterprises, governments, and critical national infrastructure organizations.
  • SimSpace provides high-fidelity cybersecurity simulations, training, and guaranteed safe live-fire exercises.
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Key capabilities of the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Cyber Range

Provides high-fidelity replications of any cyber environment, including on-prem, clouds, remote/edge, OT, IoT, and ICS.


Comprehensive live-fire exercises to test your cyber teams via Red/Blue/Purple exercises and CTF events.

Stack Optimization

Security stacks are complex and we help optimize effectiveness, efficiency and maximize ROI of cyber investments.

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Simulation Environments

Simulate any cybersecurity environment on our cyber range to run live-fire exercises with no risk to production deployments.

Advanced User and
Attack Emulations

SimSpace provides the most advanced user emulations to create hyper-realistic attack event environments.

Continuous Security

Benchmark your security posture and develop a measurable program to improve people, processes, and technology.

What is a modern cyber range?

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Battle-ready cybersecurity
for enterprises, governments, and critical infrastructure


SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges for military, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies.

  • Optimized security tools and processes
  • Mission relevant readiness training
  • Secure air-gapped, on-prem, and SaaS

Global Cyber Defense

SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges that enable global government entities to build nation-state level cybersecurity strategies.

  • Defend national assets and infrastructure
  • Develop teams and technology via exercises
  • Secure air-gapped, on-prem, and SaaS

Critical Infrastructure

SimSpace military-grade cyber ranges enable protection of critical infrastructure with pre-built cyber range models for 16 industries.

  • Support for ICS, IoT, OT, and critical gear
  • Optimize technology, training, and processes
  • Intelligence agency driven processes

Financial Services

SimSpace enables continuous security optimization so financial institutions can protect assets, transactions and payments.

  • Protect customer data and privacy
  • Manage cyber insurance and stack costs
  • Evidence-driven governance reporting


SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges to protect the protectors of governments, businesses, and people.

  • Safeguard customer data and ensure privacy
  • Optimize security teams and stack costs
  • Data-driven regulatory compliance


SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges to protect the our global energy and power production, distribution, and delivery.

  • Protect government and civilian services
  • Optimize security teams and stack costs
  • Protect operations for sourcing and delivery

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