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Military-grade cyber ranges for elite cybersecurity training

Why SimSpace?

SimSpace provides simulation environments, stack optimization, and elite training to protect strategic assets, develop teams, enable governance, and manage risk.

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Mission relevant readiness

SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges that enable global government entities to build nation-state level cyber security strategies and defend national assets and infrastructure.

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Military-grade cyber ranges for global cyber defense

Cybercriminals, including nation-state threat actors, frequently attack government, military, and intelligence agencies for access to sensitive data to use for financial or political gain. Increasingly, sophisticated threats, including malware, APTs, and social engineering are launched against government networks and critical infrastructure. Any institution that manages sensitive government data or is integral to national security must be prepared to defend itself against advanced threats.

The Battle for Partner Nation State Defense

Every business and national policy is a competitive engagement. SimSpace provides the military-grade cyber ranges used by the many partner-state MODs, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure organizations. We are in a competitive environment to protect our partner states and ensure they deploy the safest infrastructure from the most trustworthy vendors. That is why we work with partners like Velos Solutions to provide our Cyber Force Platform that a guaranteed-safe sophisticated simulation environment to test and validate your people, processes, and technology. In this special blog, we learn more about how Velos Solutions is helping to protect and train elite cyber teams for partner states.

Winning the Battle for Hearts, Minds and Networks

It’s no secret that adversaries at home and abroad treat the U.S. as a target. They target us directly and, increasingly, through our Partner Nations – countries with whom we share common values and national security interests.

Operational benefits of the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Evidence-based reporting and analytics

Comprehensive compliance documentation

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Increased network uptime

Individual and team training

Stronger team dynamics

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Improved data security

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Reduced supply chain risk

Product features

Elite special-forces training with realistic threats and malicious insiders to evaluate team readiness and technology performance.

High-fidelity cyber range clones your entire IT infrastructure, including user emulation which simulates network traffic and background noise to train cyber defenders to detect malicious activity.

Customizable platform supports mission rehearsals, Live-Fire Experiences (LFXs), and team certifications.

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