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SimSpace for Government
Cyber ranges and cybersecurity training for United States government entities

Utilize a military-grade cyber range to defend against adversaries, including nation-state attacks

Why SimSpace?

SimSpace provides simulation environments, stack optimization, and elite training to protect strategic assets, develop teams, enable governance, and manage risk.

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Schedule a demo of SimSpace's Cyber Force Platform, the preferred military-grade cyber range of the US Cyber Command and global intelligence agencies.

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SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges for military, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies that provide mission relevant readiness training.

Military-grade cyber ranges for United States government entities

Government departments, such as the military and national intelligence agencies, are a huge target for cyber attacks due to the extensive amount of sensitive data stored. Because of this, they face a myriad of threats every day. In addition, digital transformation is a major goal for government offices, leading the US executive office to make cybersecurity resilience a priority for government agencies.

Cybersecurity is a national security threat and a counterintelligence issue. Malicious actors, including nation-state-sponsored, use digital technologies to wield their economic and military influence, promote national and localized instability, and accomplish other strategic objectives, often more quickly than government agencies are able to detect and mitigate the threat.

Operational benefits of the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

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Share intelligence across organizations and industries

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Protect citizens’ sensitive data

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Visualize how a nation-state-sponsored threat would impact your network

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Quickly detect and respond to threats

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Understand your current cybersecurity ecosystem to prepare for new executive directives

Product features

Coordinate elite cyber team training, defense, and information sharing throughout the public-private ecosystem

Understand how a threat impacts your unique information security network, including any gaps in defenses

Train cyber professionals and teams to defend unique government networks from nation-state attacks

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