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May 9, 2024

RSA Cybersecurity Conference 2024: Paving the Way for Robust Cyber Defense

The RSA Cybersecurity Conference 2024 brought together cybersecurity experts, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world to explore the latest advancements and strategies for fortifying cyber defenses.


April 11, 2024

Technical Prowess Merges with Soft Skills in the Modern Cybersecurity Professional

Imagine this scenario: you’ve got the new IT guy, Harry, in your office. He’s a database wizard, understands bits and bytes like it’s no one’s business, and has more experience with infrastructure than should be legally allowed. Wow, a true technical powerhouse.


April 1, 2024

OT Vulnerabilities Part 2: Scope and Resources

The increasing number of attacks against OT assets has not gone unnoticed by governments and organizations alike. In the United States, several government organizations in addition to training organizations and universities are working to equip cyber personnel with the tools and policies necessary to defend critical infrastructure and equipment. Before diving into the mitigations under establishment, let’s first take a look at how OT assets are vulnerable in the first place. Attackers aren’t the only avenue for potential mishaps - companies must be willing to shore up their own policies and operational procedures in addition to building and utilizing industry best practices to ensure safe and reliable operations.


March 28, 2024

Unlock Your Chance to Win Big with SimSpace at RSA 2024!

As we gear up for this premier cybersecurity event, we can't wait to connect with industry peers, showcase our latest innovations, and provide valuable insights into the future of cybersecurity.


March 25, 2024

OT Vulnerabilies Part 1: Widespread Implications

Before we begin, let’s start with a (seemingly) silly question: What do a water treatment facility, a large electric plant, a meat processing plant, and a large brewery have in common? If you happened to muse, “I wonder if these have all been targets of OT infrastructure breaches?”, then you’re right! These operations (and many others like them) may not seem to be ripe targets for global hackers at first glance. However, in this post we aim to pull back the covers just a bit to uncover vulnerabilities inherent in OT systems and the attacks that have been leveraged against them.


March 11, 2024

AI’s Nefarious Role in Increasingly Realistic Phishing Campaigns

In 2024, it’s hard to traverse the Web without being made aware of the increasing presence of artificial intelligence (AI). While recent advances in both algorithms and model training have brought a bevy of benefits to the digital world, bad actors have also incorporated AI-powered tradecraft into their phishing campaigns.


October 11, 2023

Detection Engineering: Regain the Advantage with SimSpace

Let’s take a quick flashback to the Mel Brooks classic, Spaceballs, for a moment… Dark Helmet has sent his troops to “comb the desert” in search of the film’s main characters. The troopers are literally using giant hair combs to sift through the desert sand and finding nothing. It’s fun to laugh at this scene, but in reality a day in the life of a cybersecurity analyst can feel a lot like this!


October 2, 2023

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month | SimSpace

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month dedicated to highlighting the importance of digital security and to reminding individuals and organizations alike to prioritize the protection of their digital assets and private, personal information. At SimSpace, our vision is to secure the infrastructure of the future. We honor our vision and Cybersecurity Awareness Month by looking at our industry’s history and best practices.


August 16, 2023

What is the Purple Team in Cybersecurity? Purple Teaming Explained | SimSpace

Teaming exercises are a valuable way for organizations to practice responding to cyber threats and hone their defensive capabilities. However, these exercises are often limited to a simple attack-and-response cycle, which can miss important opportunities for collaboration.


August 2, 2023

How to Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

A single data breach can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue, damage your reputation, and result in regulatory fines. Preventing these breaches requires a cycle of continuous improvements, identifying weaknesses in the organization’s security structure and then taking action to address them. Regular cybersecurity risk assessments are the first step in that process.


July 19, 2023

What is a Red Team Exercise and Why Is It Important? | SimSpace

An actual cyber attack shouldn't be the first time your team responds to a cybersecurity incident. Just like a firefighter wouldn't run into a burning building without prior training and experience, cybersecurity professionals need preparation and practice before responding to real-world threats. That’s where red team exercises shine. Red team exercises are simulated attacks designed to challenge and test an organization's defenses, incident response capabilities, preparedness, and overall resilience. The results yielded can help organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their security systems, enabling better prevention, detection, and response to cyberattacks.


July 5, 2023

Cyber Risk Management Explained: Strategies for Continuous Improvement

Do you have a robust cyber risk management plan in place that you update regularly? If your answer isn't an astounding yes, it's time to take action.