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SimSpace for Energy
Organizations lack the experience of a severe cyber attack until it happens in production.

Through the SimSpace platform, you can model your productionenvironment and continuously emulate real adversaries to test yourdefenses against real threats. Moreover, you can train and assess yourdefenders, optimizing and empowering them with the experience theyneed to respond to a severe cyber attack.

Why SimSpace?

SimSpace provides simulation environments, stack optimization, and elite training to protect strategic assets, develop teams, enable governance, and manage risk.

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Schedule a demo of SimSpace's Cyber Force Platform, the preferred military-grade cyber range of the US Cyber Command and global intelligence agencies.

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Proven battle-ready

SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges to protect the our global energy and power production, distribution and delivery, while optimizing security teams and stack costs.

Tailored cyber ranges for energy

The energy sector is one of the most targeted industries by hackers due to its economic value and organizational complexity. A critical infrastructure subsector, the energy sector comprises electricity, oil, and natural gas. All other industries are dependent on energy, leading to high economic risk in the sector. To lessen cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the industry, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented the TSA Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02C (SDC02), which mandates critical pipeline and facilities owners and operators create and submit a cybersecurity implementation plan for their facility.

Operational benefits of the SimSpace Platform

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Rapidly discover and mitigate risks

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Increase planning and readiness

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Develop cooperation between industry groups

Keep systems online

Measure relevant metrics to enforce your cybersecurity implementation plan

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Gain visibility of IT and OT assets across your entire environment

Product features

Train using elite-level exercises that allow an entire third-party ecosystem to cooperate and share information and best practices

Use continuous monitoring to measure the effectiveness of the cybersecurity program for your SDC02 implementation plan

Visualize how an emerging threat would impact your uniquely complex environment

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