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SimSpace for Financial Services
Cyber ranges and cybersecurity training for financial service institutions

Military-grade cyber ranges enable continuous security optimization so you can build client trust and confidence

Why SimSpace?

SimSpace provides simulation environments, stack optimization, and elite training to protect strategic assets, develop teams, enable governance, and manage risk.

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Schedule a demo of SimSpace's Cyber Force Platform, the preferred military-grade cyber range of the US Cyber Command and global intelligence agencies.

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SimSpace enables continuous security optimization so financial institutions can protect assets, transactions, and payments while managing cyber insurance and stack costs.

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Military-grade cyber ranges for financial services

Financial institutions, such as banks and investment management firms, continue to be a top target of cyber criminals due to the large amount of valuable customer data they handle on a day-to-day basis. With customer demands for fast, convenient access to their data, financial services firms have undergone a digital transformation, introducing cloud-based technologies, data-analytics tools and automation — all of which makes their attack surface broader and more complex.

With SimSpace, CISOs and their teams can put their tools and processes to the test, continually improve organizational security posture, demonstrate compliance, and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Operational benefits of the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Keep systems online

Keep financial systems online

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Build consumer and investor confidence

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Validate compliance for regulatory frameworks and cyber insurance

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Optimize vendor selection

Create a competitive differentiation with cyber talent

Create competitive differentiation as a sustainable vendor and supply-chain partner

Product features

Build security into all of your business processes without slowing delivery by testing the impact of new initiatives before they push to production.

SimSpace allows financial IT security leaders to put their remediation processes to the test with realistic attack scenarios and life-like user emulation.

Enable your personnel to engage in realistic cyber readiness assessments and map performance to critical compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, FFIEC, NY DFS, and SOX.

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