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SimSpace for Insurance
Cyber ranges and cybersecurity training for insurance companies

Military-grade cyber ranges enable continuous security optimization to safeguard your investments

Why SimSpace?

SimSpace provides simulation environments, stack optimization, and elite training to protect strategic assets, develop teams, enable governance, and manage risk.

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SimSpace provides military-grade cyber ranges to protect the protectors of governments, businesses, and people, and optimize security teams and stack costs.

Military-grade cyber ranges for insurance

Insurance companies collect valuable data, including sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and electronic protected health information (ePHI) as part of their underwriting and claims processes — making them a prime target for cyber attacks. As firms leverage new technologies to streamline their processes and deliver a better customer experience, their attack surface becomes broader and more complex.

To mitigate these risks and meet stringent regulatory requirements, insurance companies need to have their teams and technology operating at peak performance.

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform allows you to evaluate your people, processes, and technology in a secure environment. Before updating an aging system or implementing a new technology project, help your team test systems and identify security and performance gaps — without affecting business processes or slowing down delivery.

Operational benefits of the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

Evidence-based reporting and analytics

Stay compliant

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Underwrite with confidence

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Protect your reputation

Keep systems online

Avoid downtime

Individual and team training

Build strong team dynamics

Product features

Security teams leverage SimSpace’s analytics to easily produce evidence of compliance with business-critical regulations such as NYDFS, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

With SimSpace’s live-action range exercises, you can prepare your team for different attack scenarios and test your cyber defenses, such as scanning messages and blocking IP traffic and spam.

Upskill your staff by training them in a realistic environment to defend against real-world attacks.

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