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SimSpace Cyber Force Platform Capabilities Overview

Founded by experts from U.S. Cyber Command and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, SimSpace is the global leader in military-grade cyber ranges that are used to prove cyber readiness to defend against today’s most advanced threats. 

The company’s Cyber Force Platform supports the most sophisticated enterprises, governments, and critical national infrastructure organizations with high-fidelity simulation environments (virtualized, scaled down production replicas or digital twins) where teams can safely practice, using their own defensive tools, in “live-fire” team training exercises. 

SimSpace Corporation is an industry leader in conducting cross-sector cyber-warfare simulations and is the trusted cybersecurity training provider of U.S. and foreign military services, the global intelligence community, and top private-sector organizations. 

SimSpace’s state-of-the-art network emulation, modeling tools and reporting provide high-fidelity, quantitative insights into how well an organization is able to protect its critical assets against “lethal” cyber threats. 

SimSpace has a long history of developing continuous security improvement solutions and supporting nation-state level exercises with our advanced range-based capabilities.

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