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Overview of Live-Fire Exercises

A live-fire exercise (LFX) is a cybersecurity exercise in a controlled, real-world simulation of a cyberattack where an organization’s cybersecurity team actively responds to a simulated threat. This practice allows teams to assess their preparedness, identify weaknesses, and improve their response capabilities. By simulating a real cyberattack, teams can evaluate their defenses and tactics, learn from their mistakes, and refine their strategies.

Live-fire exercises (LFX) are at the heart of a cyber range experience. SimSpace’s Live-Fire Exercises test your cybersecurity defenses by “turning up the heat” on your teams with actual cyberattacks. LFXs help you build a more collaborative, experienced, and refined security team. These exercises can be tailored to address any real-world threats and operating environments to create the highest levels of cyber mission readiness.

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