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SimSpace Stack Optimizer

When discussing security optimization, many people think first of the technology tools in a stack. SimSpace seeks a holistic approach to security optimization that considers technology, processes, skills development, and team collaborations. Gartner says most enterprises have over 50 security tools in their security stack, and each of these tools was considered a silver bullet for challenges. They can often lead to cost, complexity, and a false sense of security.

Security tools are complex to configure and manage. Once deployed, they seldom get reviewed to understand if they are still working correctly and still necessary given the evolution of all the other tools over time, i.e., what was purchased for one threat near zero-day is most likely now covered by many.

Too often, security teams are under-resourced or need more time to become experts in each technology from a deployment and management standpoint, let alone be able to test these technologies against the latest threats properly. Another challenge security teams need to improve is the ability to test their people, processes, and technology in the production environment. They can’t turn up the testing heat too much as they can not break the production environment, distract, or blind their security operations team.

SimSpace helps organizations address these challenges by creating a scaled-down replica of our customer’s production environment where they can test their cybersecurity tools, people, and processes in a much more aggressive way that is much more realistic than how hackers would.

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