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BOSTON – February 20, 2024: SimSpace, the US-based market-leader in high-fidelity cyber ranges, has today announced Clint Sand as its new Chief Product Officer (CPO), effective February 21, 2024. Clint will play an instrumental role in spearheading SimSpace's product management, content, design, and platform engineering teams as the company adds further AI/ML-based capabilities to their technology. Clint's strategic appointment strengthens SimSpace's executive leadership team as the company aims to take its battle-tested platform to the broader enterprise market to help organizations of all sizes and levels of sophistication to optimize security operations for maximum risk management.

With the average cost of a cyber-breach now $4.45 million, regulators and insurers are cracking down on Governance, Risk and Compliance measures to ensure the security of critical private and public sector entities. SimSpace's platform not only prepares their customers to withstand severe cyber incidents but also enables them to understand where they can improve their security controls and how to better optimize their security spend. Clint will lead the ongoing evolution of the SimSpace Cyber Force platform, enabling customers to regularly stress test themselves and optimize their tools and their spending in safe, high-fidelity replicas of the systems they defend every day.

Clint brings over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity products at companies like Malwarebytes, NortonLifelock, and most recently Corelight, where he led product efforts to serve the needs of sophisticated defenders while also delivering new SaaS offerings and innovations in AI to serve the needs of organizations of all maturity levels.

The announcement supports SimSpace's recent $45 million equity raise, bringing last year's total funding to nearly $70 million.

"Clint joins the SimSpace C-suite with a proven track record of supporting the commercial growth initiatives of large companies. Boards are now making cybersecurity a central pillar of their investment strategy, and Clint's appointment will serve to strengthen the product portfolio of our customers as CISOs and CEOs continue to make critical ROI decisions," said William Hutchison, CEO and co-founder of SimSpace. "The SimSpace executive team is looking forward to working with an engineer of Clint's caliber, accelerating our growth trajectory and expanding into new markets."

Chief Product Officer of SimSpace, Sand, comments, "Companies in every segment are increasingly aware that traditional approaches are letting them down, even as security spending continues to rise. By combining well-tested, complex network simulation techniques with new advancements in AI, SimSpace is uniquely positioned to drive the type of innovation that can change the game for threat hunters, incident responders, and SOC analysts, while enabling the CISO to make data-driven decisions about how to reduce spending without introducing new risks to the top line. I am thrilled to be placed at the epicenter of product development, providing customers with the data, analytics, and insights that will drive our top line through our next phases of growth."

About SimSpace

SimSpace is the global leader in military-grade cyber ranges, founded by experts from U.S. Cyber Command and MIT's Lincoln Laboratory to respond to a new era of unprecedented cyber threats. The company's Cyber Force Platform enables the most sophisticated enterprises, governments, and critical national infrastructure organizations to find intelligence-driven answers to the most vexing security, governance, training, and cyber readiness questions. SimSpace's Cyber Force Platform results in an average reduction in cyber operational costs of 30% and a 40% reduction in breaches.

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