Sometimes, having a good laugh IS the best medicine. Welcome to Fresh Phish, by the cybersecurity experts at SimSpace

 issue #9

When your executive team doesn't use Slack.


Fresh Phish cartoon_Nyet

 issue #8

That's the third CISA alert this week
Fresh Phish cartoon_zero day

 issue #7

That might exceed your cyber insurance deductible.
Fresh Phish cartoon_IT psychiatrist

 issue #6

The old school penetration tester.
Fresh Phish cartoon_voodoo

 issue #5

Let's hope the Easter eggs are only in the kids' baskets.


Fresh Phish cartoon_IT vacation

 issue #4

And you thought losing your wallet was bad...


Fresh Phish cartoon_ID theft

 issue #3

Remember, you don't have to click on every link


Fresh Phish cartoon_Phishing trip (1)

 issue #2

Let's hope the hacker stopped there


Fresh Phish cartoon_dress code (1)

 issue #1

We hate to name names, but...


Fresh Phish cartoon_weak link (1)