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Join SimSpace - Booth 2045, Moscone Center’s South Expo Hall together with Google-Mandiant, Cycognito, and Cymulate at RSA Conference 2023. We will show you how to find answers to the most challenging cyber security and governance questions with our Military-Grade Cyber Ranges.

Live Action

SimSpace Cyberforce Platform Live Demos and Sessions at Booth 2045 in the Moscone Center’s South Expo Hall. See the SimSpace range in action; You’ll learn more about how SimSpace delivers military grade cybersecurity ranges, elite force development, and live fire exercises that are trusted by the US Government, Intelligence Agencies and Critical National Assets (top financial, insurance, healthcare, energy etc.) as well as those of allied nations around the world.

Theater sessions will occur at the top of each hour the expo hall is open with ongoing demos including:

  • Stack Optimizer - enables SecOps teams to safely reduce costs and optimize the performance of their cyber stacks without losing effectiveness against the latest threats using evidence-based data to generate cyber ROI paybacks of less than a year.
  • Rapid Range - an API-driven tool that reduces the time and cost of deploying a high-fidelity cyber replica of a company’s actual IT/OT defensive environment by up to 75% over manual deployments. High-fidelity ranges open several essential use cases, including the ability to eliminate costly, sub-scale test and evaluation labs with an efficient, off-the-shelf capability used by the world's largest banks and national defense teams. Rapid Range aggregates data from SIEMs, security, and network tools to create a representative network model to accelerate and simplify range deployments.
  • Cyber Score - produces performance-based metrics that audit committees, investors, and regulators are demanding for the overall effectiveness of the people, processes, and technology that comprise their cyber defense capabilities. Those metrics enable cyber defense leaders to establish meaningful performance baselines against the most severe cyber-attacks. It measures individual and team improvements across multiple global security centers. It delivers evidence-based data to drive accurate decision-making about developing, maintaining, and proving the presence of a high-performance set of defensive capabilities.
  • Adaptive Attacks - an ML-driven library of automated attacks to choose from that is continuously updated as new and highly dangerous attack methods arise that present themselves differently for each exercise. This adaptability enables defensive tools and teams to continuously improve their production environments.
  • Elite Team Development - SimSpace has doubled the number of new course labs and skills development materials in the standard Cyber Force libraries to drive optimal team responsiveness, capabilities, and collaboration.

These new capabilities improve cyber stack effectiveness and ROI by up to 40%, accelerate the creation of evidence-based data for governance, and help CISOs prove cyber ROI for boards, executives, auditors, and insurers

Meet the Experts

Meet with the SimSpace experts behind the U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA, including MIT Lincoln Laboratory specialist responsible for innovating the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform in booth 2045:

William “Hutch” Hutchison
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SimSpace
A former F-15 Fighter Pilot and Cyber Exercises Lead at the U.S. Cyber Command, William “Hutch” Hutchison is CEO and co-Founder of SimSpace.

Lee Rossey
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SimSpace
Before co-founding SimSpace, Lee Rossey spent 15 years at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, working to advance technologies and meet critical national security needs.

Ross Brewer
Chief Revenue Officer of SimSpace
Ross is a cybersecurity expert, thought leader, and media spokesperson with 35+ years of cybersecurity sales and management experience.

James Gerber
Chief Financial Officer of SimSpace
With expertise in both engineering and C-suite arenas, Jamie has amassed over 30 years of experience forecasting risk and setting strategies for some of the world’s largest construction and transportation businesses.

SOLD OUT! Executive Breakfast

SimSpace CEO William “Hutch” Hutchison and Sounil Yu, CISO of JupiterOne and the former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America are co-hosting an interactive security leadership event speaking on “Measuring Your Company’s Ability to Withstand a Severe Cyber Attack”. Sounil Yu is the author of the Cyber Defense Matrix and has been a thoughtful leader in cyber, speaking on the importance of resilience and defense.

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FireSide Chat: Cybersecurity in 2023: The Good, The Bad, and The Strategy

Non-Attending RSA participants can join SimSpace in a live streaming event including ESG Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik and Ross Brewer, Chief Revenue Officer at SimSpace, for an exciting Fireside Chat that delves into the world of modern cybersecurity strategies.

This will be a Live Streaming event: Cybersecurity in 2023: The Good, The Bad, and The Strategy
Date: Thursday, April 27th
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Register Here

With SimSpace, you can assess and optimize your complete security posture — all in one platform and achieve:

  • 40% Reduction in configuration-related breaches
  • 45% Improvement in breach prevention and reduced incident response times
  • 56% Improvement in cyber team retention and skills development

Join us at RSA Booth 2045!!!

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Cyndi Gutowski
Cyndi Gutowski
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