Stack Optimization

Data-driven security stack and product optimization

Optimize security products or your full tech stack in a realistic simulation of your production environment. Powered by the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform, our Professional Services team can deliver unprecedented technology assessment and tuning capabilities in a secure, high-fidelity cyber range.

Test tools for your specific environment

Contextual assessments
StackWise - Improve Cybersecurity defense and incident response

Mirror your infrastructure to assess and quantify tool overhead impact, integration and performance.

Data-driven decisions
StackWise - Data-driven security-stack and product optimization

Tap into detailed feedback metrics, including leading cyber forensics tools, to assess compliance,
refine cyber strategies, etc.

StackWise - customized or automated cyber attacks

Run customized or automated attacks to see how your tools perform against advanced tactics from APTs to insider threats.

Tool optimization
StackWise - cyber training labs

Assess, tune and deploy different security products or full-stack configurations to find the best solution for your specific enterprise.


Industry mapping
StackWise - evaluate tools against mitre attack

Automatically evaluate tool performance against vendor specifications or frameworks

Threat intelligence
StackWise - advanced threat intelligence

Gain the knowledge, skills and advanced threat intelligence you need to defend against cyber threats.

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Security control impact

Whether you're considering a new security product for your enterprise, evaluating an upgrade or new feature, or you want to see how your current security suite performs, let SimSpace put it through its paces in a secure environment—safely outside your production environment.

Security Control Impact (2)

Your cybersecurity
is only as good as
your weakest link

Professional Services provides automated, data-driven evaluations of security products individually, or together with other tools to gauge performance in context. Best of all, you can do this without impacting production resources.

Weakest Link (5)

Stack Optimization

Go beyond product demos with SimSpace Professional Services

Better security decisions

Realistic testing conditions help you validate, select and adopt the right tools for your specific environment.

MITRE ATT&CK® reports

Innovative MITRE ATT&CK® analysis stops coverage gaps before they reach production. 

Security control impact

Key performance metrics help you to understand how
day-to-day operations could be affected by
less-than-ideal configurations.

Beyond Product Demos (1)

Simulate advanced threats

Quickly test against known threats using customized and automated scenarios. Product efficacy is determined based on sophisticated attacks relevant to your environment—and they can all be mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Sim Advanced Threats (1)

Informed product decisions

Product selection involves multiple factors, but we can help organizations make more informed, data-driven decisions about a product's effectiveness. SimSpace also helps you deploy the right mix of security tools by providing actionable, quantified metrics on product efficacy, so you can deploy
with confidence.

Informed Decisions (2)

Visualize your results 

Visualizations simplify the data extracted from complex actions and speed reporting on product measurements for effectiveness, predicted overhead and user/team performance.

Visualize Results (2)

Sharpen and refine
your toolset 

Tool optimization capabilities enable organizations to rapidly and easily test different configurations, policies and customizations to ensure your security ecosystem is always operating at its optimal potential.

Sharpen and Refine (1)