Test in Your Specific Environment with StackWise BETA

Don't just watch a sales demo or read a training guide. Evaluate your security technology using realistic networks and conditions.


Mirror your infrastructure to evaluate tool overhead impact, integration, and performance.

Test the limits of security tools with realistic traffic and user emulation.

Simulate real attacks to understand how products really perform when it counts.

Test different product configurations to identify the optimal implementation for your enterprise.

Automate the evaluation of tool performance against vendor specifications or frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK®.

Perform in-depth product evaluation before you make the purchase.

Don't Just Hope a Security Product Works. Put It to the Test.

Whether you're considering a new security product for your enterprise, evaluating an upgrade or new feature, or you want to see how your current security suite performs, let SimSpace StackWise BETA put it through its paces in a safe and secure environment—and outside of production.


Your Cybersecurity is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link.

SimSpace StackWise BETA provides a unique, automated, data-driven tool to evaluate security products. Best of all, you can do this entirely outside of your production environment; no need to waste resources.

Product Scoring MITRE break down

Evaluate Your Security Using Realistic Automated Attack Scenarios.


Simulate Threats

Easily test against known threats. Product efficacy is based on sophisticated attacks relevant to your environment that are then mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

how it works

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Go beyond the sales brochure or the product demo to really understand how a security product works before you implement or even buy it.

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Visualize Your Results

Visualizations and reports provide you with measurements for effectiveness, predicted overhead impact, and user performance impact.

Product Scoring Compare Configs

Sharpen and Refine Your Toolset

Rapidly and easily test different configurations, policies, and customizations to ensure your security ecosystem is always operating at its optimal potential.