Train Like the
US Cyber Command

SkillWise, powered by the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform, provides realistic individual and team training environments, advanced training content and detailed threat intelligence. We deliver everything you need to dynamically develop your most crucial asset—your people.

SkillWise - Strengthen Team Cyber Skills

Free Training Module

Learn to defend confidently against Log4j vulnerabilities and Log4Shell exploits (CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046) by completing our free training module.
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Build your cyber confidence

Stronger cyber defenses
SkillWise - Stronger cyber defenses

Simulate actual attacks from insider threats to APTs and get detailed threat intelligence to sharpen your cybersecurity defenses and improve incident response.

Data-driven decisions
SkillWIse - Simulate actual cyber attacks

Get detailed feedback on individual and team performance. Quantified metrics speed decision-making and situational awareness.

SkillWise - cyber attack, detailed threat intelligence

Tailor attacks to your unique network and threat environment with intelligent, host-based user emulation for highly-realistic network traffic and activity.

Cutting-edge training labs
SkillWise - Sharpen cybersecurity defenses

Leverage advanced labs with modern tools, assessment techniques and courses to elevate your cyber maturity.

Live attack scenarios
SkillWise - hands-on live-action cybersecurity training

Go beyond gamification and test your skills with hands-on, live-action training built by seasoned cybersecurity professionals.


Better team dynamics
SkillWise - qualified cybersecurity professionals

Deliver advanced team training to increase job satisfaction, improve retention and build more effective cybersecurity teams.

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Strengthen individual
and team skills

Improving readiness and optimizing your security posture requires continuous attention. With SimSpace, you can perform product evaluations, mission rehearsals, team assessments as well as individual and team-level training exercises — including live-fire exercises — all from one self-service platform.

SkillWise - cyber readiness, product evaluations, team assessments

Tailored learning experiences

On-demand access to hands-on learning content
Content carousel enables fast, easy browsing
Circuits provide in-depth content on specific topics
Learning paths facilitate role-based skills development
Modules cover training, labs and hands-on challenges
SkillWise - cybersecurity training exercises

Increase readiness for regulatory standards

Build the industry and domain-specific skills needed to support compliance. Stay up to date on industry standards.

SkillWise - increase cyber readiness for compliance

Leverage our flexible training platform

Advanced team-based training
Pre-built or custom solutions
Automated attacks for a wide spectrum of threats
User emulation for realistic background activity
NIST/NICE Framework for job specialties
Layer 81

SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform

Flexible, hyper-realistic cyber range deployments

SkillWise leverages the power of the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform, which includes the most advanced open cyber range on the market.

You'll be running training exercises and assessments using your own security tools in a high-fidelity replica of your actual production environment.

SkillWise - Cyber risk management platform training exercises

SkillWise also offers:

Workforce Readiness
for at-a-glance team evaluations

Workforce Readiness enables you to establish a baseline of organizational team readiness. Effectively manage and encourage individual growth to improve your entire security team's performance.

  • View and assess team and individual readiness in real-time with the Team Manager dashboard
  • Participate in hands-on, range-based skills exercises that deliver actionable scoring metrics
  • Access 700 hours of specialized training content
  • Inform training and hiring with a holistic view of organizational readiness
  • Build task- and career-based training paths
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SkillWise - workforce cyber readiness

hands-on training

Leverage Workforce Readiness for "PhD-level" training and eclipse typical gamification products. Put your individual and team skills to the test with content built for security professionals by security professionals.

SkillWise - hands-on training for cyber readiness