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We enable your team to quickly design, stand up, and execute your cyber range program.
Start assessing your teams, processes, and technology stack for complete readiness. 


Cyber Risk Assessments

SimSpace's Cyber Risk Assessments determine your organizational readiness baseline, provide actionable intelligence, and deliver business value.

SimSpace Platform Integration

Our services team helps you build training content, test programs, security stack elements, and the reporting and analytics needed to meet organizational demands.

Cyber Range Event Services

We work with systems integrators, consulting firms, and events teams to deliver engaging cyber range training programs, capture the flag exercises, hackathons, and other cyber events.

Know What You're Missing With Cyber Risk Assessments

Risk Wheel

Test the Strength of Your Cyber Resilience

Between the increasing sophistication of threat actors and the commercialization of nation-state-grade malware, no organization is immune to the risk of advanced persistent threats (APTs). Gain the confidence you need and ensure your organization has the right tools, policies, systems, and professionals in place with our comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessments. Key performance indicators:

  • Defensive success rates
  • Time to detection
  • Time to effective response
  • Threat mitigation rates

Get Definitive, Actionable Recommendations

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to cybersecurity. Get specific, tailored recommendations to better prepare your organization for the cyber attacks likely to target your assets. Recommendations are framed in a context that resonates with decision makers.

  • Results based on multiple industry standards
  • Organizational performance trends
  • Top-to-bottom team assessments

Assess Your Cyber Maturity Level

Cyber threats and attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication, just as the complexity of your network, business services, and threat landscape increases. By assessing key indicators, including defensive success rates (DSR), you can ensure that you're asking the right questions and getting accurate answers about your organization's true cyber readiness.


Ensure End-to-End Cyber Readiness

SimSpace cyber risk services, solutions, and evaluation tools address the full range of potential threats and attacks your organization may face. From measuring the skills of your cyber professionals to conducting full-scale attack simulations, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing just how well your defenses fare in the face of a cyber attack. 

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Customize Your SimSpace Platform and Reporting

Every organization has a unique set of objectives and requirements, and off-the-shelf "solutions" will not work for everyone. SimSpace services have built high-fidelity, internet-scale, hyper-realistic cyber ranges for some of the largest banks, insurance providers, and government organizations.

The SimSpace professional services team will help integrate any required technology, training content, scoring, and reporting requirements to get to the highest level of cyber readiness faster and more efficiently.


Deploy Cyber Range Event Services

Nothing brings a training program or event to life like a "live range." Putting hands on keyboards is the best way to take the theoretical and make it real. SimSpace has worked with major trade shows, cyber teams, universities, and hackathon sponsors to add next-level effectiveness and realism to cyber events. Work with us to build the right level of training, attack simulations, and cyber games—like a CTF—for your next event.

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