The SimSpace Cyber Force PlatformSM

Drive continuous security improvement...
from one self-service platform.


Powered by the world's most advanced open, military-grade cyber range, SimSpace provides everything you need to keep your security team, processes, and technology at peak performance. Rapidly stand up environments that are secure, scalable, and customizable—within virtual, physical, or blended deployments.

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The power of the SimSpace Platform

Custom environments
SimSpace Platform - Customizable Networks

Build customizable, secure and detailed cyber range environments to test tools, processes, staff, Zero Trust controls, cloud infrastructure readiness or provide evidence for compliance.

Challenging events
SimSpace Platform - Cybersecurity Training

Access our comprehensive training library and robust marketplace content. Utilize labs with network replay, mission impact data, event tracking, team planning and automated scoring.

Fidelity and user emulation
SimSpace Platform - High fidelity cyber range

Deliver the highest-fidelity cyber range events — including live-fire exercises — with intelligent, host-based user emulation and network traffic.

Experience "real" attacks
SimSpace Platform - realistic cyber events

Simulate automated attack scenarios and other realistic cyber events in a safe, isolated cyber range. Sharpen individual and team performance.

Flexible assessments
SimSpace Platform - Flexible Cyber Assessments

Go beyond penetration testing and dig deeper into threats with team and technology assessments that suit your needs.


Platform expandability
SimSpace Platform - User Emulation

Leverage and expand platform
capabilities with a portfolio of purpose-built products, integrations and services, including SkillWise and StackWise.

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SimSpace Platform

Continuous security improvement

With SimSpace, you can drive continuous improvements to your security posture by performing product and team evaluations—all from one self-service open cyber range platform—in traditional or cyber mesh architectures.

SimSpace Platform - optimize cybersecurity readiness

Empower your operators with SimSpace

SimSpace leverages realistic attack scenarios using high-fidelity cyber ranges that look and feel like your production network. Put your SOC operators and security professionals to the test and build the readiness and cohesion your team needs to be ready for the real thing.

SimSpace Realistic cyber attack scenarios

SimSpace Platform

SimSpace's flexible, hyper-realistic
military-grade cyber range

Advanced simulations

Simulate actual cyberattacks to refine your team's performance and increase the speed of their response when seconds matter.

Data-driven results

Assess team and organizational security posture using quantified metrics. With the SimSpace Platform, you can make better, data-driven decisions.

Engaging environments

Provide your security professionals with an immersive environment to practice end-to-end incident response
and remediation.

SimSpace hyper-realistic cyber range

Flexible testing and training

From experienced SOC operators to new security professionals, anyone can continually develop their skills with SimSpace. Leverage our customizable network environments to meet training goals using real tools, realistic network infrastructures and the software your teams use every day.

SimSpace Platform - cybersecurity testing and training

A trusted
proving ground 

Serving organizations from large financial institutions to critical infrastructure and government agencies, the SimSpace Cyber Force Platform offers endless opportunities for cross-functional training and testing in a risk-free environment.

SimSpace cyber range trusted proving ground

deployed your way

Our cyber range is delivered however you need it 

  • SaaS — highly available and secure
  • On-premises — your servers and infrastructure
  • Appliance — installed and configured in your network
SimSpace cyber range on prem, SAAS, or hosted environment

Unparalleled user emulation for enhanced realism

Simulate realistic user activity in the range for more effective training, stack evaluation and insider threat detection. User emulation is a key feature of SimSpace’s high-fidelity cyber range, as it helps you train your teams and tune your security tools to differentiate normal from malicious activity. For more information on user emulation capabilities, read our white paper.

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UE - Typical persona activities

security engineering

Organizations and security professionals use our cyber range for various cyber needs, including training, product consideration, automated attack simulations, cloud infrastructure readiness or to verify Zero Trust controls.

SimSpace cyber range - cyber range for training, product consideration, automated attack simulations