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Operational Benefits of Live-Fire Experiences for a Global Insurance Provider

As part of a risk-centric approach to information security, a significant global insurance company turned to SimSpace to help its Security Operations Center (SOC) team optimize its overall cybersecurity posture, reduce risk, and build organizational confidence.

The firm uses the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform to assess and tune its tools and processes. The opportunity for immersive interaction also improves team skills to better defend against evolving cyber threats, including advanced adversaries that too often target the insurance industry. The platform includes a high-fidelity cyber range that replicates environments of any scale and offers expanded coverage through specialized tools and solutions. Best of all, this is achieved without affecting the enterprise’s production environment or exposing the organization to service disruption or data loss.

This insurance giant also works with SimSpace to conduct Live-Fire Experiences (LFXs) — also known as interactive cyber defense exercises — every six months. The company has seen steady improvements by providing its SOC teams with intensive hands-on training defending against cyberattacks using the security products, software, and processes they rely on daily.

Each LFX is a 24-hour “follow the sun” event based on mission performance objectives defined during event planning. SimSpace Professional Services applies its extensive expertise to event design, execution, and after-action reporting, ensuring that the LFX effectively develops individual and team skills while measuring improvements in the organization’s responses to cyber threats.

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