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SimSpace Rapid Range

Rapid RangeSM is a revolution for building and deploying cyber ranges. It enables you to source range data from SIEMs, network diagraming tools, and other security tools to reduce the time to deploy cyber ranges by up to 75% versus manual configuration. The SecOps team can now build ranges for security testing and validation scenarios to drive continuous security improvements. After Rapid Range imports security and network configurations, it enables you to scale the size of your range to achieve the specific testing required with the most efficient use of resources. Rapid Range makes it fast and easy to create high-fidelity simulations on demand.

Rapid Range is the quickest and easiest way to set up a high-fidelity cyber range, which levels the playing field and makes cyber range technology accessible to more organizations. Rapid Range swiftly creates a representative network model from production data sources ingested, making it easier for organizations to implement a cyber range without specialized knowledge and expertise.

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