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Global Cyber Defense

Government, military, and intelligence agencies, as well as national critical infrastructure, are often targeted by cybercriminals and nation-state threat actors seeking access to sensitive data for financial or geopolitical gain. As sophisticated attacks in the form of malware, APTs, and social engineering continue to be launched against government networks and infrastructure across the globe, any entity handling data or controls that impact national security or other necessities needs to ensure that its personnel, processes, and security tools can defend against advanced threats.

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform, the same solution used by the US Cyber Command, allows military and government agencies to train for real-world cyber-crisis scenarios within a realistic simulation of their networks, including IoT, ICS, SCADA, OT, CNI, cloud, and hybrid-cloud systems. With its high-fidelity, military-grade cyber range, SimSpace provides a safe, isolated, and realistic environment to train against advanced cyberattacks using the same security tools your cyber defense teams already use on the job.

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