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Simspace Cyber Force Platform Version 6

Release Notes

Version 6.9

User Emulation 14.3.0

Version 6.8

Version 6.7


Version 6.9

New features and enhancements

  1. Maintain formatting in pasted text: Text now retains more of its original formatting when copied from Google Docs into a content module task.

  2. Improved Japanese translation: Added Japanese translations for the scheduler.

  3. Improved shutdown: Users now receive confirmation on range shut down. If a shutdown is already in progress, actions are now disabled.

  4. Live action event and range shutdown: Improved error messages when a range shutdown fails due to missing VMWare Tools.



  1. Quota calculation after an MTO group with a reservation is moved: Fixed a problem where when an MTO group with a reservation was moved up in the organization tree, quotas were incorrectly calculated. Now, quotas are calculated correctly even when an MTO group is moved.

  2. Deployment target creation and editing: Resolved an issue where problems with the VCenter or NSX password resulted in a 500 server error when creating or editing deployment targets. Now, users receive a meaningful error message so they can correct the password issues.

  3. Content modules with range management VMs: Resolved an issue where content modules could be created with VMs that were tagged as anything other than vm1, vm2, or BLUE. This resulted in the user not having the option to open a VM Console. Now, users cannot create content modules that include VMs intended for range management, and can select only those VMs with tags of vm1, vm2, or BLUE.  

  4. VCenter content import: Resolved an issue where importing many OVAs into VCenter resulted in failure. Now, imports are staggered so the process completes successfully.

  5. Retry button visibility: Resolved an issue where in structured content events and candidate assessments, the retry button was briefly visible when no retries remained. Now, the retry button is not visible, and the user can only choose to continue.

  6. Procedure complete: Fixed an issue where successful procedures were not updated with the correct status. Procedure status is now processed correctly, so that all successful procedures are updated with ‘Complete’ status.

  7. Content module task deletion: Fixed an issue where tasks deleted from a content module would reappear or remain visible. Now, tasks deleted are permanently removed from the content module.

  8. Learning path scrolling: Fixed an issue where users couldn’t scroll when viewing learning path requirements. Now, users can view the entire requirements list.

  9. Add multiple SCPs to a circuit: Fixed an issue where check marks are not cleared after adding an SCP to a circuit. This resulted in an error message about the SCP already existing in the circuit. Now, the check mark is cleared, and it is possible to add additional SCPs.


Version 6.8

New features and enhancements

  1. Maintain formatting in pasted text: Text now retains more of its original formatting when copied from Google Docs into a content module task.

  2. Redirect on declined login consent: Users who don’t accept the User Login Consent Form are now redirected. 

  3. Improved MTO sorting: MTO group and organization administrators can now filter the organization tree by "Last Deployed By" and "Resource Provider."

  4. Range action confirmations: You now receive confirmation notices when shutting down or deleting ranges. 

  5. Selectable VMs for clone sources: You can now create clone sources in the Network Design app based on a selected subset of a network specification’s virtual machines, rather than having to include all of its virtual machines. 


  1. Expired reservation status: Fixed issue where expired reservations were incorrectly reported as unused. 

  2. Range view: Fixed an issue that enabled administrators to see some ranges outside of their own organization *

  3. Rclone logs: Fixed an issue that produced Rclone logs that were not in proper JSON format. 

  4. Clone Sources tab size: Fixed an issue that would cause the Clone Sources tab to crash if the browser window was too small. 

  5. Formatting for imported SCPs: Fixed an issue that removed formatting when copying from module to module. 

  6. Clone source creation date: Fixed an issue that resulted in creator or creation date being updated when the name or description of a clone source was updated within Network Design.

  7. Reservation notification email links: Fixed an issue that caused broken links in reservation notification emails.

  8. Managed SCE page refreshes: Fixed an issue where "Info" text would disappear from a managed SCE upon page refresh.


Version 6.7

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Range status: In Network Design > Ranges, all users can now see the status of a virtual machine in the process of  shutting down or deletion, not just the user and session that triggered the action.


  1. Erroneous range statuses: Fixed issue in Network Design > Ranges where some range statuses showed as Not Deployed despite having active virtual machines. This erroneous status appeared when a user had access to an event, but did not have permissions to see the associated network specification. Now, ranges with active virtual machines show as Deployed.

  2. Expired range reservation notifications: Fixed issue where group expired range reservation notifications did not work as intended.

  3. Defender log export: Fixed an issue that prevented defender log export.

  4. SCP deletion message: Fixed an issue in the Content Authoring App where if an Admin tried to delete a structured content plan that was linked to a structured content event or had other dependencies, no error was displayed to inform the user that the delete failed. Now, an error message appears to inform the user that the delete failed and why.

  5. Deployment target delete: Fixed an issue where if a deployment target failed to delete, the user would receive a java script error message. Now, the user receives a descriptive error notification. 

  6. Clone source virtual machines: Fixed an issue in the Network Design App where clone sources included virtual machines that were not in the deployment that was cloned, but were in the associated network specification. Now, clone sources only include virtual machines from the deployment that was cloned to create it.

  7. User emulation list generation: Fixed an issue in the Network Design App where an administrator attempting to create two different Generated Users lists instead generated  two lists with the same users duplicated. Now, when an administrator generates multiple lists of users, the users are unique to each list.

  8. Rich text editor: Fixed a number of issues in the Slate rich text editor affecting code blocks and images.