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Simspace Cyber Force Platform Version 6.7

Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Range status: In Network Design > Ranges, all users can now see the status of a virtual machine in the process of  shutting down or deletion, not just the user and session that triggered the action.


  1. Erroneous range statuses: Fixed issue in Network Design > Ranges where some range statuses showed as Not Deployed despite having active virtual machines. This erroneous status appeared when a user had access to an event, but did not have permissions to see the associated network specification. Now, ranges with active virtual machines show as Deployed.

  2. Expired range reservation notifications: Fixed issue where group expired range reservation notifications did not work as intended.

  3. Defender log export: Fixed an issue that prevented defender log export.

  4. SCP deletion message: Fixed an issue in the Content Authoring App where if an Admin tried to delete a structured content plan that was linked to a structured content event or had other dependencies, no error was displayed to inform the user that the delete failed. Now, an error message appears to inform the user that the delete failed and why.

  5. Deployment target delete: Fixed an issue where if a deployment target failed to delete, the user would receive a java script error message. Now, the user receives a descriptive error notification. 

  6. Clone source virtual machines: Fixed an issue in the Network Design App where clone sources included virtual machines that were not in the deployment that was cloned, but were in the associated network specification. Now, clone sources only include virtual machines from the deployment that was cloned to create it.

  7. User emulation list generation: Fixed an issue in the Network Design App where an administrator attempting to create two different Generated Users lists instead generated  two lists with the same users duplicated. Now, when an administrator generates multiple lists of users, the users are unique to each list.

  8. Rich text editor: Fixed a number of issues in the Slate rich text editor affecting code blocks and images.