Professional Services

Optimize your cyber readiness.

You can start assessing your teams, processes and technology stack for complete cyber readiness faster than you think. With SimSpace, you can quickly design, stand up and execute your cyber risk program.

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Get the most out of your SimSpace deployment

Actionable insights
SimSpace - actionable insights for cyber readiness

We provide tailored advice that suits your organization’s unique risk factors, regulatory requirements, operational needs and security team capabilities.

Platform integrations
cyber training content, cyber testing programs, cyber reporting and analytics

We help build training content, testing programs, security stack elements and the reporting and analytics needed to meet your organizational demands.

Attack simulations
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We work with systems integrators,
consulting firms and cyber teams to
deliver realistic attack scenarios, engaging training programs, capture the flag exercises, hackathons and more.

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Why choose Cyber Risk Assessments for your company?

Strategic planning
improve your cyber health with cyber risk assessments

Use objective data to build plans that drive continuous improvements in your cyber health.

Performance benchmarking
evaluate team cyber readiness

Evaluate team readiness over time and benchmark against your competitors with our expansive industry dataset.

Executive reporting
cyber readiness - cyber compliance reports for executive leadership and auditors

Generate security and compliance reports for executive leadership and auditors.

Test your cyber resilience

Cyber threats and attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication, all while the complexity of your network, business services and threat landscape increases. By assessing key indicators, you can ensure that you're asking the right questions and getting accurate answers about your organization's true cyber readiness.

test your cyber resilience

cyber readiness

SimSpace leverages realistic attack scenarios using orchestrators powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging high-fidelity ranges that look and feel like your production network. Put your SOC operators and security professionals to the test and build the readiness and cohesion your team needs to be ready for the real thing.

end-to-end cyber readiness assessments

Get actionable

Every organization has a unique set of objectives and requirements, and off-the-shelf solutions will not work for everyone. Drive program improvements with the help of our experienced industry experts.

Optimize your cybersecurity posture with Cyber risk assessments

Platform integrations

Build out security configurations that meet your organization's specific needs.

To get the most out of your tech stack, it's critical that your tools work effectively in concert. The SimSpace Platform provides a flexible, realistic environment to test your policies and configurations.

The SimSpace Professional Services team will
help you integrate any technology, training
content or reporting functionality to get you to the highest level of cyber readiness.

build out and test your cyber readiness in the most advanced commercial cyber range

Security tool and full stack optimization

Choosing the right security products and tuning your tech stack is not only time-consuming and tedious, it can increase your risk of having an outage or other negative impacts to your production network. And unfortunately, most third-party evaluation tools are too generic to guide technology decisions relating to your unique environment.

Powered by the SimSpace cyber range, our Professional Services team enables you to see how your tools function in production, but in a safe simulated environment—so you can make informed decisions.

  • Security control impact on day-to-day operations
  • Realistic testing conditions for tool validation
  • Innovative MITRE ATT&CK® analysis 
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New-hire evaluations

Perform technical cyber skills assessments on candidates before you make an offer. With SimSpace Professional Services, you can more strategically tackle the most time-consuming and resource-intensive aspects of the new-hire vetting process. 

  • Content designed specifically for evaluations
  • Detailed reports with an overall score and
    placement percentile
  • Results derived from our statistical analysis of
    candidate performance
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SkillWise - cyber skills assessment

Test promising

Now you can offer prospective hires the qualification tests as your current team members or something unique. Each candidate is provided limited network access for only the
duration of their specific test. Best of all, testing is conducted
on the SimSpace cyber range, the industry’s highest-fidelity,
most realistic cyber range.

SkillWise - test candidate cyber skills

Cyber range event services

Hands-on training under realistic network conditions is what Live-Fire Experiences are all about

Nothing brings a training program or event to life quite like a "live range." Putting hands on keyboards is the best way to take the theoretical and make it real. SimSpace Professional Services has worked with major trade shows, cyber teams, universities and hackathon sponsors to add next-level effectiveness and realism to cyber events.

Work with us to reach the highest level of training, attack simulations and cyber games for your next event. This level of practice is the ultimate tool for readiness.

Hands-on Cyber Range training under realistic network conditions
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Tabletop cyber exercises for security preparedness

Our tabletop exercise platform enables leaders across your organization to come together and prepare a unified response to potential cyber threats.

Security teams can run special tabletop events to assess the effectiveness of their existing security controls, incident response capabilities and cybersecurity policies against a sustained cyber threat.

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Engaging, dynamic, and intensive, tabletop exercises enable business security executives to improve their cyber readiness and address operational gaps. These exercises provide cross-functional teams with:

  • Interactive events
  • Ready-made events
  • Branching narratives
  • Custom-made events
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