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BOSTON – June 14, 2022 SimSpace, the leading cybersecurity risk management platform company, announced today that it is sponsoring the US Cyber Team in this year’s International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC), held in Athens, Greece from June 14-17. Earlier this year, the company partnered with PlayCyber, powered by Katzcy, to deliver the Global Cyber Games (GCC) and Wicked6 competitions that served as warmups for ICC. Both events used the SimSpace platform, scoring system, and leveraged both team and individual assessments against best-practice frameworks including MITRE ATT&CK. As winners of the GCC event, the US Cyber Team donated their winnings to teams that may not have had the budgetary opportunity to fly to Athens for the ICC.

We're proud to partner with the GCC and international community to help the next generation of cyber professionals train with confidence and hone their skills to defend against a wide variety of current and future cyberattacks,” said Shaun Walsh, VP of Marketing, SimSpace. “We’ve been supporting this event throughout its earliest stages, and we’re honored to be part of the international community that recognizes the value of cyber preparedness.”

With the goal of creating realistic network environments for red and blue teams to attempt to hack or defend against cyber intrusions, the GCC hosted 10 teams, each with 15 competitors, representing over 60 countries in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. In a "Castle versus Castle" challenge, each participating country was provided a network (their castle) that operated like a regional bank branch. The Range environment was composed of predominantly Windows and Unix boxes and VyOS routers in their DMZ and a standard set of defensive tools. The exercises involved hacking and protecting an environment that looks and operates like a real-world business, and teams received scores for the ways in which they identified attacks, responded to and remediated vulnerabilities and uniqueness of tactics employed.

"We were so excited and thankful to SimSpace for the opportunity to scrimmage before the June International Cyber Challenge in Greece,” said Jessica Gulick, CEO of Katzcy/PlayCyber. “Threat hunting is becoming a skill set required to excel in a security operations center or incident response team. For centuries, sports have served to foster global relationships through cooperation on common challenges and the GCC offers real-life training and put their team’s talents to the test.” 

The SimSpace Cyber Range is a first-of-its-kind offering providing full-featured pre-configured and tailorable ranges deployed on-demand in air-gapped environments. Partners of the event GCC included PlayCyber, SimSpace Corporation, Cyber Insecurity, CyCognito, and the International Cybersecurity Challenge

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