Cyber Readiness, Evolved

Founded in 2015 by experts from the U.S. Cyber Command and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, SimSpace combines the highest-fidelity cyber ranges and attack content with unique user and adversary emulation techniques. By providing team and individual training exercises, attack simulations, mission rehearsals, and product evaluations that leverage its cyber range, SimSpace delivers quantitative and actionable insights into how an organization can protect critical assets against lethal cyber threats. SimSpace prepares individuals, teams, and leaders for continued success against ever-evolving adversaries.


Meet the Team

William "Hutch" Hutchison

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Lee Rossey

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Ron Gorman

Chief of Staff

Mike Heumann

Chief Revenue Officer

Liam Dorney

CEO of Resolvn, a SimSpace subsidiary

Sean Donnelly

VP of Product Incubation

Kevin Haggard

VP of Engineering

Shaun Walsh

VP of Marketing

Randy Fallis

VP of Sales

Rich Roda

VP of Finance

Marci Niles

VP of Human Resources

Paul Winter

Director of Professional Services

Dan Bell

Director of Infrastructure

David Berliner

Director of Product

Tian Xia

Director of Content

Liz Sherman

Director of Customer Success

Kent Wilson

Director of Sales Engineering

Ryan Freedman

Director of UX