Keep critical infrastructure online

Strengthen your cyber defenses to keep critical communications systems online and support secure expansion.

  • Keep systems and networks online
  • Manage growing IoT demands
  • Support digital transformation
75% of operators in the telco industry reported an increase in cyberattacks in the last 12 months
54% of the 500 largest DDoS attacks in Q4 2021 targeted telecommunication companies

SimSpace for telecommunications

In our ever-changing digital world, telecommunications companies (telcos) have become more important than ever. This industry supports businesses, consumers, and nation-states by providing the connectivity needed to drive everything from email and messaging to video conferencing, mobile communications, and entire news outlets. Telcos represent a critical component of our infrastructure and are a major target for threat actors.

The criticality and sensitivity of the data handled, as well as the size of the customer base, make this a highly regulated sector. To keep pace with stringent compliance requirements, evolving threats, and technological advancements, telecommunication companies need to have their security teams and tech stacks performing optimally. This requires continuous assessments under realistic conditions.

Operational benefits

  • Keep networks and communications systems online
  • Safeguard customer data to build trust
  • Demonstrate compliance for regulators and cyber insurance
  • Optimize vendor selection
  • Secure the growing IoT attack surface
  • Enable new digital offerings and revenue streams
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SimSpace Platform

With the SimSpace Cyber Readiness Platform you can stand up secure, high-fidelity simulations of your production environment, give your personnel the hands-on-keyboard experience they need to defend against advanced threats, and optimize your security stack by seeing how your tools perform in a life-like production simulation.

See how your personnel respond to advanced cyber threats with the same security tools they use on the job:

  • Conduct Live-Fire Experiences (LFXs) and pen tests
  • Practice defending against APTs, DDoS attacks, insider threats, and more
  • Validate your security policies and processes
  • Map security assessments to regulatory standards such as NIST, CISA, and the FCC CSRIC


Secure connectivity and growth starts with cyber readiness. When your security teams are able to identify and mitigate cyber threats, you’ll be more equipped to expand your offerings without risking breaches and service interruptions.

With SkillWise, build team readiness by:

  • Establishing a baseline security posture
  • Training against real cyberattacks to challenge and prepare your team
  • Collecting analytics to measure team performance
  • Continually running exercises to improve your team proficiency

Product features

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Make infrastructure more resilient
To avoid data breaches and network downtime, organizations need to continuously train their personnel, and test their defenses. Organizations can leverage a cyber range to give employees hands-on experience, optimize their security stacks, and develop a strategy to recover data and get back online after an attack.
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Defend against advanced persistent threats (APTs)
The telco industry is especially vulnerable to nation-state actors, who often target critical infrastructure like telco systems. With the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform, teams can hone their skills against complex and unpredictable attacks in a secure, isolated training environment.
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Training for enhanced user behavior-based protection
You are only as secure as your weakest link, and even well-meaning employees can fall prey to user behavior-based attacks such as phishing. SimSpace provides exclusive User Emulation capabilities so you can train your teams to identify malicious and accidental insider threats.

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