Safeguard sensitive patient data

Evaluate security teams and technology, deliver a better, more secure caregiver experience, and maintain and document regulatory compliance.

$9.23 million
Average cost of a healthcare breach in 2021 was $9.23 million. The healthcare industry had the highest average cost of a breach for the 11th year in a row.
More than 1 in 3
More than 1 in 3 healthcare organizations globally reported being hit by a ransomware attack in 2020.

SimSpace for healthcare

With advances in modern medicine and technology, healthcare organizations have embraced web-based digital operating models, creating a broad attack surface that is vulnerable to cyberattacks. And with the high value of health records on the black market, healthcare organizations are a common target for malicious actors.

To be competitive in the industry and maintain regulatory compliance, healthcare organizations need their security teams and technology stacks operating at peak performance, which requires continuous assessments to drive growth. In fact, certain regulatory frameworks like HITRUST specifically require firms to incorporate simulated events and exercises for thorough, realistic training.

Operational benefits

  • Keep telehealth and EHR systems online
  • Choose the right software vendors
  • Mitigate security risks when sharing data with clinicians, specialists, care givers, and labs
  • Create competitive differentiation with your cybersecurity posture
  • Stay compliant and negotiate lower cyber insurance premiums
  • Build patient trust
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SimSpace Platform

The SimSpace Cyber Readiness Platform allows you to evaluate your people, processes, and technology in a secure environment. Before implementing a new telehealth service, patient portal, or electronic health record (EHR) system, help your security leaders identify potential risks — without slowing down delivery.

Our hyper-realistic range allows security professionals to:

  • Model scenarios in a secure, realistic environment
  • Evaluate products in depth before making a purchase
  • Understand how your security tools and policies impact delivery
  • Build security into applications, IoT devices, and other IT infrastructure
  • Test new patches prior to implementation


Reducing cyber risk in healthcare starts with hands-on training and assessments. To meet strict compliance requirements and secure electronic protected health information (ePHI), it’s critical to continually assess the performance of your security team.

With SkillWise, you can:

  • Establish a baseline for your security posture
  • Train against new attacks and penetration testing scenarios
  • Collect data to measure team performance
  • Run more scenarios to improve team proficiency

Product features

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Strengthen your digital caregiving by managing cyber risk
Many healthcare organizations have progressed to a digital-first engagement strategy due to its scalability, improving clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient care. SimSpace enables healthcare IT teams to assess and improve their organizational security posture without interrupting the quality of patient care.
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Maintain and document regulatory compliance
Due to the sensitive nature of the data being handled and the frequent targeting by cybercriminals, healthcare is a very highly regulated industry, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and HITRUST. SimSpace can also help organizations validate and prove compliance with relevant regulations.
Reduce time to detect and time to remediate issues
Healthcare IT professionals must build security into their processes to defend their organization from hacks and data breaches. SimSpace’s risk reduction platform allows cybersecurity professionals to gauge how security processes impact compliance, test and validate patches, evaluate existing tech stack using realistic conditions, and assess new cybersecurity tools before purchasing.

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