SimSpace Industry Solutions

Continuous security improvement.

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform helps organizations across industries evaluate the effectiveness of their security teams and tech stacks using high-fidelity range testing and simulations.

SimSpace also has a selection of pre-made ranges covering several industries. Specific range-ready business applications include:

> ATM payment systems

> Online banking

> Emergency operations

> Medical records portal

> Voting systems

> Utility/Electrical networks

> Student Management

> ERP systems and more.


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Financial services

Building client trust and confidence

Mitigate data breach risks, compliance violations and audit costs by validating people, processes and technology.

4x According to a report by Accenture,
financial services firms who’ve mastered cybersecurity are nearly four times more effective at stopping breaches.

build security into all your financial processes
Balance security with efficiency

Increasing customer demand for easy access to their financial data or online banking services is driving the need to provide fast, secure services. Build security into all of your business processes without slowing delivery by testing the impact of new initiatives before they push to production.

SimSpace allows financial IT security leaders to reduce cyber risk
Battle-test your people, processes and technology

Firms can reduce cyber risk by continually assessing and improving team readiness and fine-tuning tech-stack configurations. SimSpace allows financial IT security leaders to put their remediation processes to the test with realistic attack scenarios and life-like user emulation.

Ensure cyber compliance and cyber readiness
Ensure compliance and cyber readiness

Many financial industry standards and regulations require security training based on job function. We enable your personnel to train in realistic environments, so you can meet regulatory requirements while also upskilling your talent. Organizations use SimSpace to engage in cyber readiness assessments and map performance to critical compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, FFIEC, NY DFS and SOX.

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Defend your

Practice defending your environment from real-world threats in order to safeguard customer data and maintain their trust.

62% According to a survey by PwC,
62% of consumers stated that protecting data and cybersecurity is the top factor for trust. Employees and business leaders also agreed that protecting data and cybersecurity is the top factor.

leverage SimSpace’s analytics for compliance with cyber regulations
Reduce audit costs and time

Due to the wealth of personally identifiable information (PII) collected, insurance is a highly regulated industry. Security teams leverage SimSpace’s analytics to easily produce evidence of compliance with business-critical regulations such as NYDFS, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Insurance Companies Defend against ransomware attacks
Defend against ransomware

Cyberattacks on insurance companies, such as ransomware, have increased in recent years. With SimSpace’s live-action range exercises, you can prepare your team for different attack scenarios and test your cyber defenses, such as scanning messages and blocking IP traffic and spam.

Develop security team cyber skills
Develop team skills

Emerging threats require security teams to have the latest skills and techniques. Upskill your staff by training them in a realistic environment to defend against real-world attacks.

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Ensure compliance

Validate people, processes and technology through training and evaluation to simplify your compliance initiatives.

$1.76 million According to an IBM report,
the difference in the average cost of a breach between mature Zero Trust organizations and organizations without Zero Trust is $1.76 million. The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity advises organizations to advance Zero Trust architectures.

robust cyber security and compliance program
Augment and up-level security team capabilities

The best way to train your security team to meet NIST requirements is through hands-on experience. SimSpace’s hyper-realistic range deployments allow public sector organizations to run simulated attacks that provide the real-world training needed to build a robust security and compliance program. 

run simulated attacks for public sector organizations
Optimize your security stack for improved ROI

Optimizing your security stack is fundamental to ensuring the highest return on investment (ROI). But it’s difficult to know how a new tech stack element or configuration will affect your security and business operations until it’s already in production. With SimSpace, public sector entities can leverage a high-fidelity testing environment to tune their security stacks and quantify the security impact of specific products and architectures before they go into production.

public sector cyber security regulation compliance with SimSpace
Enforce government mandates and regulations

Gathering the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with public-sector security regulations is a resource-intensive process when done manually. Government security teams can leverage SimSpace’s analytics to automatically produce documentation that proves governance and compliance. Organizations can also map cyber readiness assessments to key mandates to develop the skills needed to stay compliant.

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Safeguard sensitive patient data

Optimize your security tech stack and deliver a better, more secure caregiver experience and help maintain and document regulatory compliance.
$9.23 million Average healthcare breach in 2021.

Healthcare has the highest average cost of a breach for the 11th year in a row. IBM Cost of a breach report 2021.

During the pandemic, many doctors and other healthcare providers had to adapt their usual in-office care model to offer out-of-office telehealth care. Although this provided better patient access, using internet-based tools, like video conferencing, increased their digital footprint, leading to an increased attack surface. The result? Cybercriminals have increased the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations.

team (1)
Strengthen your digital caregiving by managing cyber risk

Many healthcare organizations have progressed to a digital-first engagement strategy due to its scalability, improving clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient care. SimSpace enables healthcare IT teams to assess and improve their organizational security posture without interrupting the quality of patient care.

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Maintain and document regulatory compliance

Due to the sensitive nature of the data being handled and the frequent targeting by cybercriminals, healthcare is a very highly regulated industry, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and HITRUST. SimSpace can also help organizations validate and prove compliance with relevant regulations.

Reduce time to detect and time to remediate issues

Healthcare IT professionals must build security into their processes to defend their organization from hacks and data breaches. SimSpace’s risk reduction platform allows cybersecurity professionals to gauge how security processes impact compliance, test and validate patches, evaluate existing tech stack using realistic conditions, and assess new cybersecurity tools before purchasing.

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Keep critical infrastructure online

Strengthen your cyber defenses to keep critical communications systems online and support secure expansion.
75% of operators in the telco industry reported an increase in cyber-attacks in the last 12 months1

Like many other industries, telecommunications (telco) is facing a sharp rise in cyber attacks, much of it due to the shift towards remote work. Unique to telco, technologies like 5G communications add even more attack surface exposure. The industry also has distinct risks such as DDoS attacks and other pervasive threats associated with nation-state actors. To defend against these threats, telcos must proactively assess their cyber readiness.


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Make infrastructure more resilient

To avoid data breaches and network downtime, organizations need to continuously train their personnel and test their defenses. Organizations can leverage a cyber range to give employees hands-on experience, optimize their security stacks and develop a strategy to recover data and get back online after an attack.

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Defend against advanced persistent threats (APTs)

The telco industry is especially vulnerable to nation-state actors, who often target critical infrastructure like telco systems. With the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform, teams can hone their skills against complex and unpredictable attacks in a secure, isolated training environment.  

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Training for enhanced user behavior-based protection

You are only as secure as your weakest link, and even well-meaning employees can fall prey to user behavior-based attacks such as phishing. SimSpace provides exclusive User Emulation capabilities so you can train your teams to identify malicious and accidental insider threats.

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