The Power of RangeWise by SimSpace

Ensure your organization is doing everything it can to prepare your security team
and network for success.


Build customizable, complex environments to test new tools, processes, staff, and configurations to meet your security needs.

Leverage our comprehensive training library, or robust marketplace content. Utilize labs with network replay, mission impact, event tracking, team planning, and automated scoring.

Simulate advanced persistent threats and sophisticated automated attack scenarios with high-fidelity simulations in a low-risk environment.

Go beyond the textbook or incident response plans with hands-on scenarios that put your professionals to the test. Establish a baseline of security performance and monitoring to assess improvements over time.

Create your own training modules or cyber warfare contests. Then deliver training and test scenarios no matter when or where your team needs them.

Deploy intelligent, host-based user emulation (UE) for highly realistic network traffic and activity AND automated attack scenarios using our Cyber Range Attacks for Testing (CRAFT) capability.

RangeWise—Optimize Your Security Readiness

Improving readiness and optimizing your security posture requires continuous attention. With SimSpace, you can perform product evaluations, conduct mission rehearsals or team assessments, and generate, share, and participate in individual, collective, and team-level training exercises—all from one self-service platform.

Product Scoring MITRE

Empower Your Operators with SimSpace

SimSpace leverages realistic attack scenarios using high-fidelity ranges that look and feel like your production network. Put your SOC operators and security professionals to the test and build the readiness and cohesion your team needs to be ready for the real thing.

Netwrok Impact

Delivering the Capabilities You Need to Ensure Cyber Readiness



One Size Doesn't Fit All

Our cyber range is delivered the way you need it; on-premises, as a hosted environment, or as SaaS to give your organization the flexibility and power you need—how you need it.



Multiple Proficiencies

Without exposing their production environment, organizations and security professionals use our cyber range for training, product consideration, automated attack simulations, and more.



Flexible Testing and Training Environments

From experienced SOC operators to new security professionals, leverage customizable network environments to help them meet training goals using real tools, network infrastructure, and software.



A Trusted Proving Ground

Serving large financial, infrastructure, and government agencies, the SimSpace cyber range offers endless opportunities for cross-functional training, realistic testing and preparedness events, as well as real-time feedback in a risk-free environment.