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The challenges of building and maintaining its home-grown cyber range were putting Xtreme Solutions at a competitive disadvantage. And although their solution worked, the time, money, and energy needed to keep their range operational were holding back their business – especially as they began to expand their suite of cybersecurity solutions. We recently sat down with their director of cybersecurity to get an insider's perspective on why they chose the SimSpace cyber range to meet their challenges.

Choosing SimSpace

As both companies were cyber range experts, we wondered a bit about the evaluation process that led Xtreme to SimSpace. The team at Xtreme judged several companies across multiple use cases and found the SimSpace solution to be more flexible, with more capacity, and easier to access than any other competitor. And the fact that it was also competitively priced was just icing on the cake.

“We tested out several vendors’ ranges and none of them even came close to what SimSpace had to offer."

Cybersecurity Director Xtreme Solutions, Inc.

A vital component of the Xtreme offering

Since being adopted as their featured cyber range, the SimSpace solution helps to power everything from the assessment of vulnerabilities and pen testing to advanced cyber attack simulations and complete cyber readiness training. Xtreme has also started building cyber training that takes direct advantage of SimSpace event content to deliver more engaging hands-on training. As is a hallmark of the SimSpace cyber range, all of this can be accomplished within the safety of a simulation of the customer's production network.

Significant ROI

With the move from an in-house solution to the SimSpace cyber range, Xtreme has reduced the hardware required to deliver its services. And an added benefit is that Xtreme now needs to conduct fewer risk assessments to satisfy government contracts. The reduced burden on hardware maintenance also allowed Xtreme to shift resources onto other revenue-generating projects. After adopting SimSpace, Xtreme has been able to offer more competitive pricing to its customer base.

Check out the case study

As much as I’d like to continue talking about Xtreme here, you should really read the case study for complete details. It covers how Xtreme is lowering costs, reducing dependence on hardware, improving employee utilization, and boosting client cyber security.

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Gregg Ogden
Gregg Ogden
Gregg Ogden is the head of product marketing for SimSpace Corporation. He is an established marketing professional focusing on business-to-business challenges. Gregg has worked for a variety of technology companies spanning end-point data security to multi-computer technologies. He is always looking for new ways to highlight the obvious and not-so-obvious worth of the products and services he represents. Gregg is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston.