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Read any news report today, and you’ll notice that novel cyberattacks constantly bombard organizations of all sizes. High-profile attacks in 2022 included targeting cryptocurrency markets with ransomware and currency exchange hacks. These highly-publicized attacks often drive cross-industry demand for cybersecurity products, with organizations panic-buying products to defend against the latest trend in attacks – but there is a better way. 

We’ve learned that more tools do not necessarily mean more resiliency and often add complexity. Organizations use cyber ranges to condense and optimize security tech stacks to achieve complete cyber resilience. Cyber ranges allow an organization to evaluate tools in a safe, simulated environment far from production. 

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SimSpace cyber ranges also help organizations lessen the global talent shortage, which is crucial in today’s environment. Using SimSpace, managers can objectively evaluate job-related skills to broaden their search and eliminate biases to identify the best candidates quickly. Managers can also access more diverse candidate pools by hiring up-and-coming talent or career changers and teaching required skills using range-based training content.

To learn more about these topics and how to stop emerging threats or prove security ROI, we sat down with Lee Rossey, chief technology officer at SimSpace. You can read all about it in our newest whitepaper, Four Reasons to Use a Cyber Range.

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Elsa Pikulik
Elsa Pikulik
Elsa Pikulik is a Product Marketing Manager at SimSpace Corporation where she creates and contributes to a variety of product-focused marketing collateral. Before SimSpace she worked as a researcher at Forrester. Elsa holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.