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The increasing prevalence of cybercrime and the ingenuity of these threat actors is something your clients cannot handle alone. There is no single person or company who knows everything and turning a blind eye to this bitter truth is an exercise in futility. According to a recent report by PWC1, nearly half of all businesses are being hit by economic crime, with cybercrime being the gravest threat.

On top of all this, your clients' security staff are managing increasingly complex digital ecosystems, and it’s not getting any easier for them to tune their tech stacks, keep pace with emerging threats and demonstrate compliance with evolving regulations. Oh, and let’s not forget the burgeoning cybersecurity skills shortage problem which further adds fuel to the fire…

Your clients are scared, and they should be. Most importantly, your clients cannot handle cybercrime mitigation alone and it’s crucial for you to partner with trusted security solutions vendors that provide the right cyber risk management solutions for your clients.

With your clients CIOs and SOC teams losing sleep over gaps in their cyber security strategy, there is no better time than now to partner with SimSpace. We deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, instilling confidence in your clients ' cybersecurity talent and technologies. SimSpace offers the potential for growth and profitability for partners who want to both attract new clients and improve retention and satisfaction among existing ones.

To help our partners achieve greater business growth and to help you better support and protect your clients businesses, we’ve developed the SimSpace Partner Network Program. This program is designed exclusively for our partners to help you grow your security practices into a profitable line of revenue and make cybersecurity a sustainable, scalable part of your business.


The SimSpace Partner Network Program

On August 9th, 2022 at BlackHat USA 2022, SimSpace is unveiling its new global Partner Network Program aimed at giving channel resellers, service providers, and technology alliance partners the toolset they need to accelerate sales and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

Partners are critical to growth and our goal is to create the most comprehensive cybersecurity ecosystem for assessing and building confidence in security talent and technology. The SimSpace Partner Network Program will drive market opportunities for our partners and help them accelerate sales and capitalize on new revenue streams by helping to secure organizations worldwide against the growing global threat landscape.

The SimSpace Partner Network is designed to foster collaboration and enable partners worldwide to leverage the full value of the SimSpace Cyber Range platform to best serve their customers and drive more business wins. The program establishes the most comprehensive cybersecurity ecosystem in the industry, giving partners access to a variety of technologies and vendors, including breach and attack simulation, training institutes, threat intelligence and incident response, endpoint and network security providers, security information and event management (SIEM) vendors and security orchestration, and automation and response (SOAR) solutions.

Embracing a partner-first approach, the new program supports all partner efforts to serve their customers and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. With aggressive margins and deal production, as well as rich sales enablement and joint marketing support, members of the SimSpace Partner Network can increase revenue and add value to customers:

  • Elevate Customer Training Programs — Help clients gain hands-on experience defending against advanced threats using simulated attacks on a digital twin of their production environment, using the highest fidelity cyber range platform. Customers and partners are also encouraged to take advantage of the SimSpace Certified Range Engineer training program.
  • Help Customers Maintain Compliance — With regular live action events and reporting frameworks, customers can provide evidence of compliance with reports aligned with leading cybersecurity frameworks, associations and industry-specific or regulatory requirements.
  • Deliver Confidence through a Cyber Range — With industry-leading fidelity and scalability with real cyber tools and environments, partners can help their customers feel confident in their cyber defenses. The SimSpace Cyber Range Platform allows partners to differentiate their capabilities to help customers optimize teams and technologies for success. Hence, they always have the edge when it comes time to defend against advanced threat actors.
  • Collaborate with multiple partner types — To expand joint business opportunities across a broad set of companies and market segments, SimSpace invites MSSPs, MSPs, VARs, distributors, cybersecurity associations and cybersecurity solution vendors to participate. SimSpace ensures that partner integrations are bespoke and customized to specific use cases.

By joining forces with the most prolific global partners, SimSpace will help boost cyber readiness in their respective regions and work together to improve mutual customers' cyber security journeys via a clear and rewarding program that will drive business growth for reseller networks.

The SimSpace global program will enable partners to deliver enhanced value to customers through a full suite of cyber range capabilities, furthering customer growth and staff retention. Most importantly, partners can rest easy knowing that the SimSpace Cyber Range platform is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the US Department of Defense Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), the Department of Homeland Security, five of the 15 largest financial institutions in North America, and several of the world’s largest retailers.


Let’s Take the Next Step, Together.

The cybersecurity vendor landscape is complex, even for seasoned channel partners. We recognize how challenging choosing the right cybersecurity vendor can be, and that’s why we are here to help you better understand the value SimSpace will provide to you and your trusted clients.

The first step to joining the SimSpace Partner Network is contacting our partner team. We will walk you through the business benefits, platform portfolio and use-cases so you can truly make the right business decision.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sonny Singh
Director, Channel and Alliances Marketing

1 Protecting the perimeter: The rise of external fraud (PwC’s Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey 2022)

Blog bySonny Singh
Sonny Singh
Sonny Singh
Sonny Singh is the global director of marketing for channels and alliances at SimSpace. He is a successful marketing professional with a proven track record in product marketing, product management, field marketing, strategic business alliances & sales management roles. Sonny has also worked within multiple technology-driven industries, including cybersecurity, SaaS healthcare, networking & data storage.