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Today’s CISOs must reduce risk by building and maintaining confidence in their organizational cyber security posture, but this is no easy task. Although plenty of security products on the market claim to provide “everything” you need, coverage gaps can and do exist between tools. Additionally, their personnel are inexperienced, overworked and their processes are untested. 

What’s needed is a way – or place – to test products, teams, and techniques together in a secure, realistic production environment without risking any disruption to your production environment. Cyber ranges provide such a place and are highly effective at testing and validating multiple use cases. 

Advanced cyber ranges, like those delivered by SimSpace, provide a high-fidelity clone or simulation for on-Premise, Cloud, IT and/or OT production environments, including:

  • Servers
  • ICS, SCADA and IoT devices
  • Applications
  • SaaS applications, PaaS and IaaS Cloud services
  • Networking hardware and software-defined solutions
  • Open Source Tools

One of the most compelling reasons to deploy a range is its versatility. Cyber ranges support a broad spectrum of risk reduction use cases. Cyber ranges provide safe, secure, virtualized environments that enable security teams to truly replicate a cyber attack and then evaluate their cyber defenses under stress. That’s why many leading Fortune 2000 organizations, including top US banks, major insurance providers and leading consulting firms have all added ranges to their cyber security resources.

To highlight the range's versatility, we’ve created a new video to provide a brief introduction to several uses. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are nine key use cases:

  1. Improving enterprise readiness
  2. Delivering hands-on skill training to develop competencies
  3. Running live-fire exercises
  4. Optimizing and tuning security processes and technology stacks
  5. Evaluating security stacks
  6. Replicating attack scenarios
  7. Providing evidence for compliance
  8. Providing analytics and reporting required for security measurement
  9. Evaluating potential hires

Cyber ranges also allow you to evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses in different technical domains. You can then use those results to create personalized training plans for continuous improvement and professional development.

Our platform offers pre-made and an extensive range of customization options, sophisticated automated attacks, automated event analytics and realistic emulated user activity. With SimSpace, you can also easily run an RvB event on your own or work with our expert professional services team to maximize program improvements. 

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Blog byGregg Ogden
Gregg Ogden
Gregg Ogden
Gregg Ogden is the head of product marketing for SimSpace Corporation. He is an established marketing professional focusing on business-to-business challenges. Gregg has worked for a variety of technology companies spanning end-point data security to multi-computer technologies. He is always looking for new ways to highlight the obvious and not-so-obvious worth of the products and services he represents. Gregg is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston.