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Is your organization continually held back by the growing cybersecurity workforce skills gap, or is your IT leadership team tired of hearing all the ways a cyberattack could negatively impact your organization? Cyber ranges provide a perfect solution for addressing any skills gap, preparing for cyber threats, and improving security processes.

One of the best next steps your team can take is to learn more about how a cyber range can bring your cybersecurity team—and your overall enterprise security—to the next level while also preparing them for the cyber threats of tomorrow. 

So just what is cyber range training, and what can it really do for your organization?

How do organizations use cyber ranges? What cyber range delivery models are  currently available? How do cyber range simulations work? Find out when you  download The Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Ranges. →


What is cyber range training?

A cyber range is a high-fidelity virtual environment that organizations can use for cyber training, software testing, user behavior emulations, and attack scenario simulations.

This allows cyber ranges to serve as perfect training grounds for security and operations professionals to practice handling specific real-world scenarios and training employees. Plus, cyber ranges can do this without exposing your production systems.

What are some common misconceptions about cyber range training?

Some of the critical questions cyber professionals have about cyber ranges are related to what they actually do, and if they can deliver the positive impact their organization needs to stay ahead of tomorrow’s cyber threats. Below, we bust some common myths about cyber range training.

1. Cyber range training is not realistic enough.

Cyber ranges allow teams and security professionals to move beyond the textbook and tabletop exercises and get hands-on with real threats and incident response scenarios.

In fact, given their ability to easily spin up, refresh, and redeploy new hyper-realistic virtual environments, the level of “realism” is actually in the hands of the organization itself. With more advanced teams, cyber ranges can simulate real-world attacks across many different infrastructures, attack vectors, and time spans. 

In addition, the realism found in advanced cyber ranges allows for cybersecurity fundamentals to be evaluated and device configuration or policy changes to be assessed in context.

How do organizations use cyber ranges? What cyber range delivery models are  currently available? How do cyber range simulations work? Find out when you  download The Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Ranges. →


2. Cyber range training is only for technology and security professionals.

Suppose your organization is looking to put its incident response or business continuity planning to the test. In that case, cyber ranges provide a great way to include representatives from all of your business functions to see how they perform, too.

In addition to practicing implementing your technical responses to cyber threats, team members in other functions—such as legal, human resources, and public relations—can learn how to collaborate more effectively.

3. Cyber range training is expensive and too difficult to establish.

This may have been true once, but now cyber ranges can be deployed in one of several different options based on an organization's specific training and testing requirements. In particular, a cyber range can be deployed on-premises or via hosted infrastructure.

Once a cyber range is in place, organizations can either use pre-built training scenarios and attack replications or implement a multi-level learning curriculum.

Ready to bring cyber range training to your organization?

A sad reality is that cyber actors are out to take advantage of any unsuspecting organizations, untested security teams, and under-defended networks. 

However, by partnering with an experienced, trusted cyber range provider like SimSpace, your organization can benefit from immediate access to established training environments, highly configurable and secure simulations, and high-fidelity scenarios, all without any of the stress of managing and maintaining a cyber range on your own. And with the average cost of a data breach over $4 million, justifying the investment in a cyber range is that much easier.

Ready to get started? Contact SimSpace now. Also, make sure to download our latest guide, The Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Ranges, to learn more.

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